Association Equipment

Recurring inspections of electrical equipment and resources the Association of for electrical, electronic ensure safe working and Informationstechnik e.V. has a knowledge exchange among developers, to allow researchers and users to the Supreme goal. One of many fields of activity is the development of standards to achieve this. It is to be effective in particular a gradual unification of European safety standards. The VDE 0105-100 standard gives directions complied with the legal requirements for the safe use and operation of electrical equipment operators of electrical systems and equipment. As long as there is still no uniform safety standards, the VDE 0105-100 takes into account all current different national safety regulations. Electrical systems and operating materials have different technical characteristics depending on the industry and purpose.

There are fixed electrical installations, such as in buildings and also portable electrical equipment. The use, transformation, Transmission and distribution of electric energy they have in common. The VDE standard calls for ensuring and maintaining a safe condition of electrical systems and operating equipment is safe to use. Each operator or entrepreneur can fulfil its legal obligations in the operation of electrical installations and equipment, includes the standard VDE 0105-100 detailed instructions on maintenance and regular checks. When do I applied the standards VDE 0105-100? The standard lays down any work relating to electrical systems and operating equipment. This means not only the direct operation and the work on the system, but also activities in the vicinity will also be addressed within the VDE 0105-100. >. Therefore, the requirements of the standard apply for inspection, maintenance, maintenance and operation, as well as for construction work in the vicinity of electrical equipment are an electrical danger. The electrical equipment of any voltage level, bombings in the scope of the standard of Low voltage, medium voltage up to high and extra-high voltage.