Babushkas On The Rise

Also in Germany, the traditional Russian doll likes Babushkas”, or Matryoshkas hot right as they” are popular not only among Russian children. Souvenir hunters from all over the world enjoy the ornate wooden toys, which multiplied in a wonderful way, when you open it. Now, the colorful doll with the big belly in German children’s rooms has arrived. source for more info. But not traditional wooden doll as a motif on Barrettes and children’s bags, or as Lavendelgefulltes sachets. Manufacturers such as Gisela Graham or en GRY & sif have recognized the trend and process the Russian Babushka matron”on a variety of ways.

The online shop offers a wide selection of Babushka “-articles and products of the manufacturer of Gisela Graham and en GRY & sif.” Of course, children should have fun to their dolls and toys. However, it is important to know where the products come from and what consequence has the purchase of toys for the producer countries. Therefore, it is the philosophy of the Shopping Magic Garden, socially for children and families in 3.Welt-Landern to engage and to offer products at the same time charming and exceptionally beautiful. So are many brands in the enchanted garden, which include a social commitment in its producing countries such as Nepal or Sri Lanka. Also, the Magic Garden maintains an own sponsorship for a kindergarten in Sri Lanka and supports in terms of help to self-help”with a small collection of own a small family sewing operations in Sri Lanka. Barbara Lindner