Who wants to follow the career of the young artist SARAH CARRINGTON, should follow soon often time the catchy DJ chart lists. A young Berlin newcomer conquered not only the German dance floors, but provides also in Italy reeling dancing legs. Everywhere, the title goes blind trust”in relevant dance and DJ charts. There is talk of the only 18 year old Berlin singer SARAH CARRINGTON, which already at the RTL television Luxembourg guest was among the TOP 5 of the Hey music charts from the capital radio RBB 88.8 (Berlin station with the largest audience reach according to MA 2009) made it. “The title of blind trust” to the wishes of the young singer from Berlin music producer Jorg Sieghart specially for them tailored already on the 22.11.2010 to Italian DJ charts (IDJC) went, after he previously could conquer the German DJ charts (DDJC) and dance charts (DC). Now trust reached blind”also the German pop charts (50 KW) and the dance 50 charts, as well as some other chart lists. “In addition to the chart positions keeps now with new remixes for fresh fuel in Germany’s nightclub scene: Chorusing provides bass and squirming synth sounds of Mel Gold Club RMX”.

“And get all those, the original version was still too slow, faster legs of dance by the upbeat K di Club mix.” Two versions, which are and which reflect the spirit of local DJs and clubbers. Two renowned remixer from Berlin (Mel gold & K-di) wanted it can be not to create even hand and to bring their personal visions of danceable music in the respective remix. And what is better for a remixer as equal thousands hips it on the dance floor? “More press reviews: (artist writes: the pretty newcomer Sarah Carrington enthusiastically with a great disco number that immediately goes into the legs.” “ it sets titled blind trust” a first-class Earwig before. This song goes “equally in the ear as in the dance floor and will be soon be listening to the Berlin dance floors