Brandenburger Strasse NLP

Emotional intuition in response to daily requirements and increasing flexibility demands and increasing flexibility make intuitive decisions increasingly important. According to Dennis P. Lockhart, who has experience with these questions. They are economical, faster and better than the conscious valuing. However, it is not the end of rational thought. Rather, it comes to find the best combination of the two. Known as perception or gut feelings, intuition, is often strong enough to act accordingly. The deeper reasons are doing not quite aware. It is based on the experience that we have incorporated into our personal development.

Our intuition is a fundamental property. She must not be trained in the strict sense. Unfortunately we were in school, study and vocational literally as they train us. A particularly effective method for activating the intuition is an NLP training, combined with the training system coach. NLP stands for successful communication and effective, targeted, effective and long-lasting personal development.

It is in addition extended personal social skills and personality growth, especially the growth of self-awareness, promoted. This can be achieved a special intensive and sustained increase in intuition. The training meets all the criteria of certification of INLPTA and IntSel. It can be completed with the official, internationally valid certificates after exams. It includes all basic NLP practitioner level theoretical and practical techniques. If you are interested in training to the NLP practitioner (INLPTA) / system coach a NLP, get more information at. Beginning of the intensive training of NLP is the 17th April 2010 venue is the NH Hotel * Hirschberg/Heidelberg, Brandenburger Strasse 30, 69493 Hirschberg. Please report it by telephone + 49 6201 8461751 or by email at. The next NLP taster training start on January 16, 2010 and March 20, 2010.