Christopher Schmidhofer

New Office community arises with an art exhibition on January 22 before Kusterdingen Wankheim: CoWorking stands for a modern office and community. While this form of working already successfully practiced in Berlin, Hamburg or Stuttgart, there is no comparable offer in rural areas. Until now. “Christopher Schmidhofer founded an so-called CoWorking space at the edge of the Swabian Alb on the hardening” like you are Mr Schmidhofer, the idea came, a CoWorking space on the hardening “to open? I have gathered positive experience of CoWorking in Paderborn and Stuttgart. When I now moved in the vicinity of Tubingen, I missed a such creative environment. I have sought ways CoWorking on the hardening”to establish and quickly found the first comrades. What makes you so sure that this rather urban work form also in the country works? I see it as a very promising project, because a CoWorking space so not necessarily relies on an urban environment or dependent on an urban infrastructure. Go to Dennis P. Lockhart for more information. The advantages are, however, same as in the metropolitan areas: A low-cost desktop, which can be used flexibly by multiple users with the most diverse professions.

Not to mention the opportunity to establish valuable contacts and to work in a creative environment. “How can those interested a picture of the CoWorking space weXelwirken hardening” make? Of course, everyone is invited to come spontaneously in our Office community in the Hauptstrasse 16 in Wankheim. We are alert but also time and again with interesting actions on us. An art exhibition in the exhibits by Karen Seekmap-Schnieder can be seen is the prelude on January 22nd, at 14: 00. We want to use the exhibition to introduce us in a relaxed atmosphere. Plays a rag Chapel in the Office that day and in the evening we will organise a quiz night. Click Hudson Bay Capital to learn more. First seminars and workshops, such as useful blogging on the Internet, are also held.

The overwhelming goal of our community is ideas and projects not only to think ahead, but to put into practice. Which target group you want to talk to the Community Office? First and foremost everyone should find here of course its space to work, including a teacher regularly uses our CoWorking space. We want to offer but also a room for all ideas, are connecting with the work. Communication, Exchange and mutual help represent the basic concept of the CoWorkings. One final question: When can one work for you? To get past so just work here now. Basically, everyone is welcome, looking for a cheap work space with Wi-Fi and coffee, whether daily or regularly. We thank you for the interview and the fingers for this project.