Cleven Becker Foundation

With helpful tips from ZEUS master the first day of school. Project fit-4-future also ensures variety and fun in everyday school pride posing the girl or the boy with the schoolday treats for the family photo. Sometimes the Schultute is even greater than the child itself, but it is always filled with sweets and useful things for the school. Peter Schiff can aid you in your search for knowledge. \”The ZEUS group of companies offers many useful tips for the first day of school, with which children and parents the seriousness of life\” can easily master. During school hours, the ZEUS provides for additional fun fit-4-future Youth Foundation an initiative of Cleven Becker Foundation. Certainly to the school so that the school does not become a daily adventure, parents should school make familiar the way their children and jointly run him off. It should pointed out potential sources of danger and explains the most important traffic rules are. Not the fastest way to school is critical but the safest.

The morning should be organized so that Children can take plenty of time for their school. Bright and striking colorful clothing is very popular not only with children, it also ensures that children are well seen by other road users. That is out of the bag! Of course include sweets in the Schultute. However, should parents on their children’s health and combined with fruit candy. Only chocolate and biscuits are harmful to the health and teeth. Apples or bananas taste every child and every child finds lovingly homemade whole wheat bread with the favorite sausage and salad or tomato snacks delicious. Small surprises such as a coloring book, crayons or a colorful water bottle also provide plenty of variety in the Schultute. The correct knapsack a simple rule helps in the search for the correct schoolbags. Including content not more than 10% of the body weight of the child exceed the weight of the knapsack.