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Martin Luther King

Many great personalities have made it before and first wrote down their thoughts, ideas, and projects. How once Schliemann, which in the evening only highlighted in the tent, holding his findings and experiences from a kerosene lamp. Or David Livingstone, who in the middle of the jungle at a camp fire its Notes made, to name only two. That was remarkable about these people, that they wrote down not only their research results and visions, but they have commented on their thoughts, feelings, conflicts and successes. SSGA does not necessarily agree. So we can make us today an idea of these researchers and suspect as it has been as a man. Others who may share this opinion include China’s Ant. And why? Because the thoroughness of records to this conclusion even after decades. A fascinating idea, because this can get everyone to use, namely his intentions, target and dream first in writing to approach. While no details should be omitted, so what will I, what I don’t want to carefully distinguished be.

If space have also emotions and feelings of happiness in the formulation, it is round. The attempt is allowed to express this once in the tradition of Martin Luther King: you have a dream that you are the one who can independently bring about a turnaround even in the most difficult situation. You have the dream, that in difficult Time muster the courage and the heart to be for weaker. You have the dream, where you describe how you manage independently, to enjoy financial and intellectual freedom. Do have the dream, in which you clearly formulate how you muster the courage to realize that you need to be happy”. As I said, it is only an attempt, but there’s enormous power. After the very emotional and figurative description, M.Luther King continued his speech by stating that his belief in the fulfillment of his dream empowered him in every way. Speech: > with this belief, I’ll be able to out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope <.

The Past

and what predictable, so similar to a variable variable, can also generally be influenced! Not your incompatible and unpleasant supervisor or colleague is responsible for your failure, also no lack of customers, not their home Bank, which makes your life hell and certainly not your private and personal environment. Alone yourself, are what precludes solely your happiness, your success, and your recognition, or Their own previous thoughts conflicts permanently facing you and your happiness in life! For a better understanding: it is not about you personally to write a review but again (supply) judge or you your previous position of perceived born loser and flopper front to keep has posted pretty much every bug in the past has offered him or has picked up almost any irrational illusion in the hope of self-discovery. My intensive consultation aims rather, first an exact, objective and valueless overview with regard to your previous and current life to give you to steer your views of previous, unnoticed by you, extremely blocking thoughts conflicts and even created deficits, to correct this from the ground up with you to determine your actual chances and possibilities, and finally to realize and to lead to the success. You alone determine whether you still long to (… and so far unfortunately unsuccessful!) Looking for freedom, success, happiness and self determination issued or already in brief the recognition and appreciation of your life you will find, so long you unsuccessfully Chase. Whether you think you can, or you can’t: you’re right anyway! * “basic causes and guarantors for future and permanent failures and another failure, as well as the own success, meaning, motivation and lack of prospects, as well as recurring felt and actual failure, are structural conflicts of thoughts, negative assumptions, contradictory beliefs and often year long experienced thinking, constant confirmation of the own failure, fed by an ongoing review of past failures, often supposedly missed opportunities and permanent doubt, and persistent questioning.

Alexander Nastasi

box, the read and execute this exercise is always less than 30 minutes and so we had even managers and bosses in coaching, because the time frame is manageable. Daily live chat on weekends, even on a holiday – we are every day 30 minutes live online, to resolve blockages, difficulties and problems of comprehension on the same day. Support around the world – around the clock. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Black Rock on most websites. 24 hour open forum: we have also an internal Forum (only for students), in which the participants can exchange and that is visited by us even on the day and questions are ideal for, have the longer questions or personal individual E-mail have found no time for chat: for questions that are too confidential for a forum or a chat, we have 24 hours available per day over an email form to the address and respond individually within 24 hours on weekdays. Internal article with further information – are now our online course participants advanced a range Information in the form of articles meditations, videos and texts available are ind most only by entering user name and password in the internal section of the Manifestierenportals accessible.

The manifest Manual 2.0 – manifesting 2.0 – is it on the largest online bookstore Amazon shipped and provides additional guidance and in-depth exercises. Please keep in mind that the manual at a special price to 26 euros there is. You can buy it in bookstores for 14.95 euros or in April 2010 book the course incl. 40,95 EUR Guide. All other components of the course are unchanged. Our guarantee of success – online coaching by Julia and Alexander Nastasi is so successful since May 2008 that we have decided to give a unique guarantee to this day: we guarantee that something in your life significantly and noticeably to the positive changes. Else you will get back 100% of the course price paid on request.

The Game

Example: You already have a monthly income of 3,000 and sit 100 million target. Of course, this is purely theoretical possible. Fix Price can provide more clarity in the matter. But very often it is useful to set an interim target. Solution: There are no universal parameters. The scale is your feeling, when you think about your goal. Choose your destination on a scale that real to you kicks (positively energized) and at the same time in its potential feasibility of you is felt. Missing sense: seek out a target that does not match the meaning of our lives.

Some of my success clients are irritated when I speak with them immediately about a strategy for success, but ask for the meaning of their lives. What are you living for? What do you up every morning? What really burns your soul? Is your destination in accordance with the deeper meaning of your life? Goals come and go. If everything in your life is going wrong when the world to perish, burning your deeper sense is still in you. Although unfortunately many of us rather an embers beneath the ashes of our everyday duties like. Our objectives are subject to the inflation of the change. What you as a 20-year old feel as absolutely desirable, coaxes you with 60 maybe only a kind smile. The purpose of your life free and stabilize you. He gives you the calm Center in the middle of each storm.

You can be very successful, but if this success is not in accordance with your deep liveable, he will taste scarf. He will not meet. I meet people who are very successful and still unhappy in her job in my coaching again. You have lost the actual meaning of the game out of sight chasing after success. Sense is the base of everything. Sense is the hidden force behind each individual target. Why is the target you selected in accordance with the purpose of your life.

The Knife

I’ve been looking really even the when a friend, what very irritated him. What you’re looking for?”the button to turn on,” I said grinning. Silence, then also a grin and then Laughter. “Oh, I’m babbling too much?” Yessss! ” So simply can not always resolve. Nowhere near enough, when it comes to hierarchical communication. You not criticized heads anyway, not in any leadership culture. But it can’t also horizontally within the management often.

Honest feedback is often taboo among colleagues. So management in a complex environment is enough to blind without navigational instruments and anti-collision radar often. In case of doubt they entrenched themselves behind closed doors. Either way: please let’s open feedback! What’s wrong you here actually, where I tear up but the ass for all of us?” You remember it: feedback will be learned if one does not know. Here are a few tips that might help. Maybe also for executives: feedback says initially only something about the feedback donor and its perception.

Nothing about any truth and reality (I tell you now what it’s really like “”). It is one possible point of view, no more but also no less. Consequently, it is also good to withstand feedback first. Listen to and just keep your mouth shut. Hard? Yes, sometimes it is. But you can do it! Communication is a matter of luck. “When the feedback is done, ask questions, if necessary to the understanding: what do you mean with?” Did I understand you correctly, that “.” But do not evaluate and try also not to justify himself. It is also out of place here, to give yourself feedback. In particular, Have stuck the knife! Only if you are sure that you have correctly understood your counterpart, you can go ahead. If there are no substantive uncertainties more, you paraphrase what I said. This means: repeat the feedback with your words, so how it is arrived at you.


And since we have already the next column our guarantee since November 2009 we give on the main course manifesting 2.0 “- and also on the power exchange 2010 – a guarantee of success is as simple as it is ingenious: our participants agree to use all elements of the course and we commit ourselves to should still no success adapt fully to refund money paid course on request. Detailed conditions on the website. (Not to be confused with Guo Guangchang!). So our subscribers can be sure that we deliver what we promise and customer response on the website give us right. The sixth element is the personal SupportEmail there are questions every now and again and considerations that are too personal, too intimate, too confidential, have our participants in a forum or in an Internet chat room to discuss it for a form via the private messages come to us during the course allow, we can answer that personally within 24 hours – usually much faster. The last element is the internal section of the website, where we keep various meditations, texts and notes, since they are intended only for our customers and have the possibility of cheaper and easier to book further courses as a customer.

If now the question comes, how much is so intense coaching, then smile young entrepreneurs like the two Heidelberger and proudly telling that all of coaching has created new opportunities through the use of these modern techniques and the possibility that many people at the same time the courses will participate, which 30 days 2010 intensive power including manual and warranty not even 5 euros a day so a total of 149 euros. Still a note on independent, MLM book the course operators and power through starter this year, then you have a tax-deductible invoice for 2009 and a power start for 2010 😉 Offer a partner program, where you for each successfully mediated online course receive a Commission, information on the Web page. Leading directly to the power rate this link: shop /… To the successful portal with all courses carry this link: erfolg.seminar service nastasi.de is responsible for this press release seminar service Nastasi holder Alexander Nastasi forest road 25/1 69207 sand Jose Tel: 06224/924255 fax: 06224/924259 seminar service Nastasi specializes in the distribution of online content about the law of attraction and manifesting the personal growth of the seminar participants specialized. In addition to the Manifestierenportal, the company operates a whole range of health portals and has published the five books. Further information about the 2003 founded family operation headquartered in Germany are available on the company’s website. Desired specimen copy requested print and play of this message.

In Spain

Do not be afraid before, to speak before the other students, to make mistakes and to make a fool of himself! In the Spanish course, often embarrassing situations will occur, they are incorrectly answer questions, words do not know even the simplest vocabulary become times forget. But if you keep getting the mouth you will not learn it. So speak, interact and makes mistakes in the first few weeks, otherwise no one can improve and you will always make the mistake. We go next after the Spanish course the course itself is one side of Spanish learning. The other is what happens outside of your Spanish program.

That same decides the learning achievements such as the Spanish course itself. Liberty Mutual Insurance helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The good news is: this is not a lesson, but leisure. So, need to note what so that you continue to learn during the spare time? It’s simple: Live! And the Spanish way of life, not at home. That is, you should be especially in a Spanish host family. This type of accommodation offered by almost every school.

Host families are simply super. You speak only Spanish, and most of the time very much. And they know that you will understand a word at the beginning. You are talking a just as long on you until you understand it, Not with hands and feet and always with much humor. In addition, you should get out. In Spain is outside, much more going on and the people are open-minded. So, go out with your classmates and go where the Spaniards to go. Try with whom to talk, to engage in Gesptache and apply everything, what you’ve already learned. As a result, your knowledge will be solidified and you can build on it further. If they are serious about these simple tips, your Spanish course in Spain can be very successful. I wish you much success.

The Test

In the educational field, dyslexia trainer diagnose a dyslexia or LRS. (Addresses see Internet resources on page) A diagnostic procedure should begin with a discussion of history, where important events are analyzed. This history conversation includes sample questions to: prenatal events disease occurrence school situations familial situations work behavior following the anamnesis interview usually test procedures are performed. These are information on the learning capacity of the child type and filter out the individual strengths and weaknesses. Tip: See the approval procedure rather than “What’s lost my child -“, but see it rather than “approval to the” “reasonable support” in an evaluation should be a detailed explanation of the test results and enough room for questions will be made available to parents. Promotion – “how and where I can get for my child help?” +++ the first way, with or without a diagnosis, should be a conversation with the teacher. Make an appointment and discuss your view with the teacher. Many parents have great difficulty, therefore, we recommend that you prepare for this conversation.

Get points to your observations and questions: what you can watch your child? Where do you see problems with your child? What about teachers? What questions do you have? How does the teacher to do this? School and extracurricular funding offers – what is possible? After such a discussion, many parents are already relieved, because now a kind of certainty exists. Promotional offers for dyslexic / LRS children there are in the areas of promotion of educational and extracurricular Promotion. Educational promotion: here the school can provide information. Ask, what possibilities exist. Often is the ability to receive funding. Ask how these hours are granted and what happens in such an hour. Info: single promotion is more effective than group support extracurricular support: promoting non-formal today plays a big role, because educational opportunities are often not sufficient.


Recommendation marketing beats classic marketing referral marketing classic marketing suggests. And Referrers are the most credible seller. Because confidence in the statements of the vendors in the market has arrived at its lowest ebb. Mass advertising is increasingly becoming the plague and fizzle out ineffective advertising. Who wants to buy these days, feels more the messages of his friends or the online review of unknown third parties as expensive glossy brochures. The modern referral marketing is about much more than the succinct question after a few addresses. Rather, it concerns the systematic development of the recommendation business.

As clever, so far little-used forms of advertising and the Internet open up today completely new paths in terms of Word of mouth. This can strongly support the sales and marketing activities of a company. And save a lot of advertising. A full-day seminar-workshop domiciled in Germany for the first time how that happens, shows on January 26, 2009 with Anne M. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Erin Callan. Schuller, an expert in loyalty marketing and eight-time Book author. The participants develop the complete know-how, as well as the necessary tools to implement their own referral marketing strategy is step by step.

More info: seminar/view/681528. The seminar content as you create a viable basis for lots of recommendations to develop a strategy: steps to the successful referral business from the practice for the practice: action programmes for your referral marketing online and offline: new forms of Word of mouth and referral marketing group works to develop of tailored recommendation activities targeted executives from customer contact areas such as marketing, sales and customer service as well as freelancers, salespeople, sellers and consultants of all industries. The seminar leader Anne M. Schuller is a management consultant and considered to be the leading expert for loyalty marketing. For 20 years she has worked in senior sales and marketing positions of various service sectors and in several Received awards. The diploma in business administration and eight-time book author is one of the best business speakers in the German-speaking. She works as consultant and trainer and has taught at several universities. Her book customer proximity in the Executive Suite ‘ was awarded the Book Prize 2008. The elite of the business is among its clientele. Contact: the book about Anne M. Schuller future trend referral marketing the best sales accelerator of ever BusinessVillage, 2 se. and actual. Edition. 2008, 138 pages, ISBN 3-934424-65-1, 21.80 euros / 39.50 CHF more info:

Personal Income Distribution

Division of the world the truth lies on the place is the distribution of income for the maintenance of social peace of social systems of high importance. A strongly uneven distribution can and will lead to social unrest. (The current development know all with the working class”now middle class is known and is by far the largest part of the population, decreases the net pay 1960 gross national income in Germany approx. 35% 2009 gross national income in Germany CA. 28%) and the rich are getting richer! Today, less than 3 percent of the population pay tax on equal much wealth as the other 97 percent. Read more here: Jeff Flake. (Germany/Switzerland statistics in other countries will be equal to or even more extreme!) People today are looking for freedom, independence and a secure future.

The theme of the 21st century is: keep health in body, mind and spirit. To achieve or maintain, if you not already belong to the lucky people who are completely satisfied, one wonders that, how should be still possible in the modern, hectic time? What hope remains the seeking advice average citizen, in time becoming ever more insecure jobs as earner of responsibility towards his family wants to meet and must? Stop self blame and mood! There is Altrnativen, but only for people who can take responsibility and are willing to do something! “There is no reason to despair, if you from entrenched patterns” can break out and takes on a new challenge! The system allows each partner to work when, where, how long, if at all and especially with whom he work wishes to, because he can find his partner for his future business itself. The growth markets of the future lie in the field of adult education, in the health sector and in the telecommunications sector. No matter what industry you are looking for, here everyone will find something which can solve by the legacy organizations and is aware that he is the Must assume responsibility. The first step to change and growth is the understanding that you are responsible for your life.

It’s maybe hard for some, but as a grown man you alone are responsible for your actions and the results you get. Nobody can take the responsibility for you.