Customer Loyalty Using Gift Cards

Today, hardly anyone with cash pays his Bill. The debit cards used system in Germany and Europe in the past. This system allows you to pay electronically. Owner of an account with a bank to get a debit card when you opened an account. Remember, a magnetic strip is attached. For a long time, apart from even a small chip set is attached. The owner then pay the card at a ticket office, considering the card with the magnetic stripe through the reader.

In connection with entering a special identification number, secured the payment and the money some time later obtained from the account. The practice of non-cash payment transactions rising emerged in recent times. The practical quickly becomes clear: the owner of a bank card have not always to remember to collect money from the Bank. Furthermore, it is not more important to have enough cash in your pocket. In the production of electronic charts using special card printers. This cards printer change the plastic cards. However, the printer can not only print.

Most can apart from reading the magnetic stripe and chip sets and ultimately encode. Card printer can change also chip cards, health insurance cards or telephone cards. The use of electronic smart cards ranging from debit cards, customer cards, or gift cards. Many large stores or retail chains have loyalty cards. With this, the owner of the card while shopping can get points. The owner of the card reaches a certain number of points, the owner in the port can be give a gift or a payment credit. With this customer loyalty system, stores want to get used to the customers on time itself. The introduction of electronic cards has introduced apart from the fact that gift cards or gift cards look different than it was a few years ago. Even with a magnetic strip are often flawed. For the owner of an account that has the advantage that he must take not the entire voucher amount claimed. The matching amount is without further ADO deducted electronically from the total credit slip. The electronic chip cards so a lot has changed, much to the delight of customers. The owner of the card, however, should monitor compliance with data protection. Some distributors of customer cards forward to their data via the respective customers of subsidiaries, which will be all right with security. Lena Marie