Depression Sadness

(Timely payments, opportunities, success, love you, serve you, things that make you feel good, etc..) HOW TO SCALE UP IN THE EMOTIONAL Move gradually from a negative emotional state to a positive emotional state, By focusing PROGRESS Move so if you want the feeling of mistrust to trust the safety Insecurity Fear love the enthusiasm Depression Sadness to Joy etc. This gradually By focusing on thoughts gradually go from less to more positive … start practicing thoughts that produce positive emotions such as relief, joy, love, trust, etc … This is the most effective use of the power of the mind. If you look as a goal to improve your mood, keep most of the time feel good, feel good, until it becomes a habit, it takes to get, so if you want. It will become a daily practice to stay in positive emotional states. EXAMPLE more negative emotional state is depression, not just stand there, spend less negative one, switches to anger, for it, yell, kick, break plates and strip doors if necessary.

Then you’ll come to a less negative: the frustration, then you go looking less negative thoughts, and so you go entering dissatisfaction or boredom, until you will feel neither good nor evil. From there, he begins to fill you with positive thinking, positive situations that you fill with positive emotions (like playing with your pet, with children, listening to music, watch a funny movie, etc. ) Until they feel that you are climbing the positive scale (satisfaction, hope, excitement, happiness, passion, joy, love) BETTER WITH EACH STATE VAS Access a more positive feeling Each improvement gives access to a more positive emotional state that above. The more positive look any further to find and activate a high feeling of wellness. You’ll feel wonderful, practice as much, which will become a dominant emotion do you want to integrate this process into your life? .