How is the distributed software development implemented? The model of distributed software development means that team members from various locations work together. Modern tools are used for communication. Therefore, these employees together form a virtual team. Distributed development has following advantages – development costs be optimized productivity increases delivery times made that higher product quality will be obtained of the distributed software development is applied for several reasons. Employees with specific skills around the globe together collected in a virtual team easy. This development can run around the clock. The offshore and nearshore promises shift from activities a significant cost reduction.

You must observe certain factors to successfully implement the distributed development. Even if team members have never seen each other, the communication process has to be perfect. The development work is to respond flexibly to the changes. The security must be be achieved. Certain instruments facilitate the control of a virtual team. These include the tools for communication and knowledge-sharing. Increases the productivity of the virtual team, if the team members meet regularly – if not personally, then with the help of video conference system. A strong team makes impossible possible!