Education Church

A new vision of education based on the work of Ramon Gallegos Nava, whose vision of holistic education is a guide to expand the integral consciousness to live our spirituality, intelligence, creativity and love. Holistic education is a comprehensive strategy to restructure education in all its aspects: the nature and content of the curriculum, the role of teacher, students and school administrators, how the process of learning is focused, strategy to completely restructure the educational system, the importance of values and the nature of intelligence. Holistic education is part of a movement that has shaken different paradigms with regard to education, because 400 years ago was the vision of this dogma, with the central theme of the church, which was then the world who had the command including education. It was said that that person complied with its rules ensured that was on the right path. But like everything, this way of "educating" the Church begins to wane, when not one, but several are beginning to criticize this way of educating and emerges a scientific-mechanistic, where the church took second place because assumptions of the church were replaced by science, but unfortunately due to technological development led to a dehumanization, producing a loss within the meaning of life and natural resource depletion of our planet. Holistic Education provides creative options and sometimes completely contrary to those laid down in this, which is composed of set of common principles among which are: sustainability, responsibility, freedom, love, etc.. Holistic education aims to educate for global citizenship which is only possible if there is respect for cultural diversity, we are oriented to form the human family, an interdependent community, achieve unity through diversity. .