Randall Jimerson

It appeals to the experience accumulated in the research on users of the information. The fidget is that if it recognizes that to take care of well to the necessities of the user is basic for the existence of the services of the professionals in the units of the information. The studies of users, initiates in the decade of 1940, the librarians for the basic paper of the user despertaram. Test of its importance is the popularity that had had, to such point that CRAWFORD (1978) to say already to more than have been done a thousand of these studies, until then. Although the critical ones that these studies had suffered, despertaram the professionals of the information for the necessity not only to study the user, but to place it in the center of the concerns of the projects of libraries and systems of information. For Randall Jimerson, U.S.A., &#039 is imperious; ' to develop a clear strategical vision to improve the services ' '. For others, for example, in Canada, to become the consultation most efficient is absolutely secondary front to have bigger concern with the preservation and conservation of the deep ones of memory. E, to improve the services is necessary to know with effectiveness what the user needs and if well he was taken care of and why it was not.

Everything this, also, to improve the relationship between the attendant and the user. It fits still to designate that, the social appetite of information of the users is onvoro in ' ' fauna' ' that it is moved today in the traditional units of information, but also is insacivel between us. On the archives, in an event ' ' The archives in the Europe without fronteiras' ' works had been presented on the necessary ferocity that if must impose to the arquivsticos programs to change a Europe of the administration to a Europe of the citizens.