Emily Dickinson

Within each there is a Primordium, seemingly weak but that strives to become a complete being. In the most intimate of our people live what is characterized as what that will be, and which therefore requires a spiritual security to become power. The Primordium, potential maximum strength, has come to be called in many ways: Self, be, spirit, consciousness, archetypal divine, regardless of the nomenclature, refers to that which is essential to every person and that indestructible shape is defined by: unconditional love, perennial wisdom, everlasting health and sharp creativity. But on the other side of our Tanagra, and besieging is the Ego, the ego, the personality in the etymological sense of the word (mask), that with what we feel identified, but does not represent what we are. If the fear of us dispossessed, if embarrassment has done to lose meaning in life, in short, if the thick fog of the ego has hidden the be, gives an important breeding ground for symptoms, such as anxiety or dependencies, which warn us that we’ve lost the way. Viktor Frankl, since an approach humanist of Psychology reflected in an interview: the essentials of the human condition is autotranscenderse, which has something more in my life other than myself () this is forgotten () and this is the fundamental error, say existential, all kinds of emotional discomfort. If you are not convinced, visit Erin Callan.

People, from a lack of direction in life, creates in its interior a sense of sense merely subjective. In that loss of sense, as if it were a thick fog or a profound blindness, the person loses the respect of his being, cosificando is rather than understanding, that it is the aim of the innate Primordium: be what you will be. Accordingly as a result of dissatisfaction which involves loss of sense, the loss of authenticity, they increase the desire for gratification instant, narcotic and anaesthetic, offered not only drugs, but it can be sought in interpersonal relationships, generating relationships based on emotional dependency; in the search for the material, once more to perpetuate the circle of the dissatisfaction of the ego, since how it reminds us of an old proverb Chinese: trying to turn the wishes through possession is trying to put out the fire with straw; or via any other psychological dependence, that has as sole purpose the utility and hedonism. Within this framework, the relations with others are based on projections of my shortcomings, strengthening of the image of my ego, emergence of emotions displacenteras and advent of anxiety. Needless to say that in this field does not grow the love, wisdom is not progressing, thrives not health, and disappears the authenticity and creativity, in the end, social relations are no longer felt as joyful. In the world of work, everything becomes tortuous. Suffering arises from resistance to accept that this was the road that led me to the other side of the border, or in other words: the first thing we recommend to leave a hole is stop digging. Emily Dickinson described the emotion of anyone who takes up with the difficult work of increasing their areas of aware, and begins to see fruits very well: we never know how high we are, until they are asking us to lift us up. Original author and source of the article