Civil Register Case

Certified company showing quote databases by professional contingencies, as well as the percentage of partiality in the reduction in working hours. Documentation relating to the quotation: for artists and bullfighting professionals: statement of activities and evidence of actions that have not been presented in the TGSS. If you would like to know more then you should visit Erin Callan. Workers responsible for the entry of quotas: proof of the payment of the last 2 months. The optional of the public health certificate stating that the child is affected by cancer or another illness serious requiring hospital admission of long duration, indicating the estimated date of duration of income and If the child requires a continuing disease treatment, outside the hospital, indicating the estimated duration of the same. Book family or, in his absence, certificate of the registration of the child in the Civil Register or court decision of the adoption. Resolution administrative or judicial only for cases of foster care/guardianship. ONLY in the case of workers responsible of the income on contributions: Declaration of the percentage of partiality of the working day.

OTHER documents: On the assumption of no cohabitation of parents, and in the absence of agreement on which must receive the benefit, documentation certifying the custody or in charge of the minor who is. In the case of single-parent families: book family stating one parent or, in the case that contained two parents, certificate of death of one of them, or court decision that declares the abandonment of family of one of them. If the other parent does not belong to the Social security system must provide, in your case: certificate issued by the personnel unit of his work center indicating that it performs a work activity in the system of passive classes or certificate of the Professional Association to which he belongs, if it’s a professional activity.