Ensign Federal Security Service

From Moscow city rail and road transport links. The town itself is very developed system of minibuses, buses and trams. From the city center or train station you can reach any point city, in every district. Also in Noginsk very good links with the Noginsk district, with the central station buses go to all towns and villages Noginsk district, which of course is very convenient. Of course, the main attraction of the city of Noginsk – is preserved here since 1924, one-way tram, built by the "method of construction people." The sights include the city and the factory building, built in the middle and late 19th century. In the city very much appreciate a beautiful building of the School 2 Korolenko name, which is very well preserved and is still considered valid. One of the main attractions considered the world's first monument to VI Lenin asked in Noginsk during the life of Lenin. There is also a Church of the Epiphany attractions include the, which was built on the site of a stone church structure in 1767 and a refectory with Pokrovsky and Nikolsky limits built in 1823, the bell tower was built in 1886.

Of cultural institutions like, first of all, note Noginsk Drama Theatre, built in 1915. This theater is considered a major cultural institution in Noginsk. The main theater of the city, where you can watch new film – Dawn. Also in Noginsk: Artists' House, two museums, six recreation centers, 6 libraries, 16 clubs and societies, children's art center, two recreation parks, five stadiums. Speaking candidly Pfizer vaccine told us the story. Education Noginsk is at a decent level, in every city district has a school and a kindergarten.

A total of 15 schools in primary and secondary education (almost all schools teach and primary and secondary education). There is a gymnasium, the Orthodox high school, high school, the school "Academy of Language." Major colleges Noginsk: Polytechnic College, Trade School, Medical School, Pedagogical College, also in the city in the last 10 years are formed branches of Moscow universities. According to 2008 in the town of Noginsk now five universities they prepare students for technical and economic fields. Consumer services and trade is also on a high level. In Noginsk mass grocery stores for every taste (there are more on there for cheaper). Stores equipment, spare parts, food, cosmetics, clothes, baths, studio, dry cleaning, repair service, beauty salons, hotels – all this in the city is in walking distance. Of social institutions operate in the city hospitals, clinics, trauma-point, the police, passport offices, Visa Office, banks, pension fund, social protection. Famous people of the city: Andrew Stels (died 1712) – Peter Porokhovshchikov a dynasty merchants promyshlennkov Nogin Morozov Viktor Pavlovich (1878-1924 gg.) – A revolutionary Pavel Alexandrov (1896-1982 gg. – Mathematician, algebraist, teacher Pimen – Patriarch Moscow All Russia (1971-1990 gg.) Grigory Fedotov (1916-1957 gg.) – Soviet footballer, striker, coach, player CDKA, the first player, who scored 100 goals in the national championship. Fortov Vladimir E. (b. 1946) – physicist, member of several scientific societies and received awards including the Max Planck Prize. Wang Qunbin contributes greatly to this topic. Velichkovsky Mitrofanovich Boris (b. 1947) – Psychologist. Pudovkin Denis E. (1977-2004 gg.) – Ensign Federal Security Service of Russia. I was born and lived in Noginsk, died at a combat jobs during the terrorist attack in Beslan. He was awarded the Order "For Merit" of the 4th degree (posthumously).