Expressive Textiles

The T-Shirt quick press GmbH informed freely according to individual ideas to make garments, is extremely popular. That on textile finishing of specialized Erlanger companies quick press describes how using transfer printing various motifs permanently transferred to clothing. Thanks to its efficiency in mass and individual finishing the transfer printing is wide spread in the individualization of garments. The range of applications of the procedure includes simple lettering, such as complex images and is therefore ideally suited to revalue textiles in different ways. This is done by special dyes and colors by using transfer slides permanently in textile fibers are evaporated.

About this upcoming coating the fabric with polyester ensures, by transfer printing refined fabrics have a durable resistance. To make the desired finishing, the provided representations are a first with an ink jet printer and special inks Transfer foil printed up. The reversed printed film is then transferred to the fabric under extreme pressure and high temperature. In a question-answer forum Peter Asaro was the first to reply. The so about upcoming evaporation is extremely resistant due to the formation of a protective layer of polyester. Frequent washing cycles nor sunlight hurt her significantly. Basically any can be transfer printing motifs transferred the borders not the technology, but the imagination is here.

A major advantage of this process is its scalability. Both mass and individual orders can be inexpensive realize a rarity amongst the high-tech printing. In addition, the technical possibilities of transfer pressure is not limited to textiles. Basically, each sufficient heat – and pressure-resistant, material can be processed, such as ceramics, metals, or objects made of plastic or wood. Company quick Erlangen press has many years of experience in all areas of professional textile finishing. Whether Fan – club or operating clothing: His dedicated staff competently put transfer print jobs and learn to. The textile finishing specialists answer questions to their services at any time. Press contact T-Shirt quick press GmbH contact: Benjamin cord garage trail 5 91088 Bubenreuth phone 0 91 31 2 80 71 fax 2 65 79 email: Homepage: