First Draw

The first special Christmas lottery draw took place in the year 1954, try to explain them in this article most interesting anecdotes that took place in this lottery sweepstakes of already some time ago, 1954, no doubt now have techniques more modern for this type of Loterias Online. The draw of conducted a December 22, such and as performed today, it was a day quite cloudy and gray, at the 9: 38 in the morning leaving the ball with the number 6.566, which corresponded to a total prize of 10,000 pesetas, about 60 euros of today. First Gordo prize which was distributed in the national lottery of Christmas was third prize appeared at 9: 56 a.m., corresponded to the 2012 number and went to the town of Zaragoza. The first fat history of the lottery of Christmas appeared at 11: 18 hours, became to pray, and corresponded to the number 53.584, handing out a prize pool totaling 15 million pesetas for graceful ticket, around 90 thousand euros today. Immediately then a few seconds only, you play the turn of second prize, serious at the same time as el gordo, a las 11: 18 hours, and the graceful number was the 33.274. During the course of this first sweepstakes of the Christmas lottery in 1954 there were several anecdotes and incidents, that surely today we will smile to remember them, some of these anecdotes were, a power outage that occurred during the sweepstakes, rolled balls on the ground, possibly by the nerves of the children of San Ildefonso to dealing with your first giveaway, and the dream was that he had to rectify a prize that was poorly Sung. Another of these dream anecdotes of this sweepstakes was one of San Ildefonso kids singing by error number 32.032 as thirty-two thirty-two. As you can see the first draw of the lottery of Christmas left us many facts and interesting anecdotes, although possibly the best thing was the thousands and thousands of graceful people and the illusion that since then began to spread among Spanish society, until the day today. Lottery Primitiva also is full of these stories through its extensive history, jackpots and great enthusiasm deals week after week. Made by RedactorWeb to Original author and source of the article