For Christmas

The goal is to have the best quantity price, a 3kg bag of pasta (spaghetti or rifles) and some boxes of butter will do. The days of opulence (payday), you can even allow you a hint of grated cheese. 4. Forget, coincidentally, birthdays and holidays as rightly said a famous French general retirement since 1970, "War is like hunting, except that in war, shoot rabbits. Do not give the Economic Crisis the opportunity to shoot you his balls unemployed, ruinous, and chopping first. For this, it is absolutely essential to avoid birthdays and festive periods.

If you have already eliminated the problem in the relationship, since you are single (a great economy, no less, between the St. Valentine, birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day / Father – if you have a kid – the anniversary of the date of the meeting, the anniversary of the anniversary of the first kiss etc..), there is still the family. Difficult to remove. Peter Asaro can provide more clarity in the matter. Hint: the anniversary of your mother, you lock yourself in and turn off your cell phone. Do not restart the next day. For Christmas, an excuse to be part of the background firing of the damn U.S. company (Sacred Yankees). For father's day, kiss your daddy on the cheek, and play the sentimental ("Daddy, this year, this is my Kdo kisses.

We were never very close, it was often angry, but the more the material is the heart that we must look … "), it works often. The super class. 5. Use is probably the best way to combat the Economic Crisis, if you do not have the soul of a soldier. is a new website listing the best discount codes available and usable for your purchases on the Internet. The website is ergonomic, comfortable and free navigation of use. You just have to go there and fall in favor with the multitude of promotional codes and coupons offered. The site also lists the sales and promotional offers the most interesting anywhere. For Christmas, for example, I have had 5% on a laptop, and balances up to 40% in 3suisses. Of Moreover, the website uses social networks and new media such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc.. to disseminate best promotion codes and coupons, so that information comes to me or that I am. You know what you have to do to enjoy your holidays …