Hard Drive

Hard disk data recovery consists of recovering the information contained on hard drives damaged, corrupt, inaccessible, or defective, which not is can access as normal, as well as recover deleted files. Hard disk data recovery is one of the most demanded services by businesses, individuals and Governments, since the loss of data due to failure of hardware or software, accidental deletion or virus is something that afternoon or early happens to every user. Tools for data recovery there are many circumstances that can result in loss of data and make necessary recovery of data from the hard disk, such as hardware or software failures, improper shutdowns of computer, viruses, or accidental, erroneous or accidental deletions. To try to recover the information there are hard disk data recovery utilities, programs that allow both retrieving data from damaged hard drives and recover files accidentally deleted. These hard drive data recovery techniques are used also in computer forensics and espionage. These hard drive data recovery tools are based on which to delete files using standard methods or when a hard disk fails, what disappears is file allocation table, but the contents of the file still remains on the disk until it is overwritten.

We therefore recommend that software is applied quickly and is installed on a drive other than the affected (or run from a Live CD), to avoid overwriting the data. In case of not being able to recover data with these tools for hard drive data recovery, may be companies specializing in data recovery of hard disk, which have more sophisticated means, and can even repair the hard drive. Although the objective is usually the hard drive data recovery, the same methodology applies to any other storage device physical or logical, as a partition, CDs, DVDs, RAID, tapes, diskettes or flash memories. Measures prevention the most effective measure to avoid losing important information in the event of hard drive failure and resorting to hard drive data recovery tools is to make backups (backups), for what we have various options: Backup to another partition on the same hard disk. Backup to a different hard disk.

Backup on removable media (CDs, DVDs). Redundant RAID. Secure deletion of files in parallel to the development of utilities for hard disk data recovery tools that do exactly the opposite, called utilities for secure deletion of files (shredding or duriel), whose function is to delete files unrecoverable mode, so they can not be recovered even with data recovery tools have been developed. Basically, the method used to achieve this consists of overwriting the file several times with random data. Source: Hard disk data recovery