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Only with the successful implementation of all listed in the first part of the operations can begin to communicate with the help of course programming. For data transfer commands can be used write, read, send, recv. Commands write and read are in the form Call: R = write (s, buf, len) or R = read (s, buf, len), where s – a handle to the connector, buf – the array name to be forwarded (or destined for the reception), len – the length of the array. Writev operator differs from the write so that data can not be in the form of a continuous Array: R = writev (s, io_vect, vectlen) or R = readv (s, io_vect, vectlen), where s – a handle to the connector, io_vect – vector pointer to a list of pointers, vectlen – length of a list of pointers. By the same author: Jerome Powell. The team will be slower than the write or read. Teams send (s, msg_buf, buflen, flags) and recv have a similar format, but among Treatment options include variable flags, which serves for the purpose of diagnosis and management of data transmission (for example, send information with high priority (MSG_OOB – Message Out Of Band), which is used in particular in the transmission of sound messages). When working with the operators send or recv should be sure that the receiving party knows that she should do with these priorities soobscheniyami.Chasto used in satellite networks Another possible flag is defined constant MSG_PEEK, allows you to analyze queries of the input queue transport. . If this has piqued your curiosity, check out David Rogier.