If Mubarak

in its popular and national basis (as it should be), or he is forced to do so. It would be the phase two, entering in revolution. The achievement would come when taking the claimant people in mind: referendum, constituent, modification of laws or constitutional, removal of old internal structures, respect for freedom and human rights, redistribution of wealth, reconfiguration of the international context of Egypt, i.e., their dangerous either desired external relations. As he is call: socialist revolution to the European or (not so Marxist) revolution to Arabic (Al – Ishtirakiya). It is not difficult to imagine where those shots that announced the Vice President, his threat that armed forces hastiarian stomp to the State, i.e., a military junta was formed and would also begin to shoot in the street to place the order at home, come with the very historical consequence of a dead crowd. It must be said that a dream almost come is true who are behind the scenes.

Already the threat, and it is known that the purpose is to preserve the old structure with the old trick of makeup. Old + new = old. Point. Okey, Mubarak is going, and is Suleiman: issue fixed, changed, and everyone in the street to House. The ally of the United States and Israel Egypt, oil and gas under the ground, almost vital Suez Canal with its tanker transportante step, all the same, intocado, almost as available so Creator from the origin of time, almost like the pyramids, ad eternum threat of the armed forces is a warning of what will come. If Mubarak will and assumes power other equally paradigmatic load, i.e. another name Mubarak with different body, and people persists for that same reason to follow in the street, soon would be the armed forces in the streets, firing, because they will say, deceptively, the masses have already met its objectives of Suomi a tyrant.