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Christian Fluhr was 103 hours on skis, and improved his own record to 111 hours and 11 minutes in September 2008. It is utopian to provide maximum 520 m indoors and outdoors, because in addition to the brevity of the elevator ride, warming sunlight is missing completely.” Classifies Fluhr the possibilities. In addition, Fluhr had the possibility to set a world record in the Allgau for the first time in February 2008. His mission there, as many different ski lifts in one day. The old record was before the Fluhr’schen record 52 lifts and Mr. marathon ski topped this feat. At the end of 58 lift systems in 10 different ski areas in the Allgau and Tyrol were to Beech. BlackRock is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In Fluhr matured competitive sport but also a decision after more than 10 years after the last winter: I’m now 35 years old and there I should maybe even think to break up with competitive sports.

After now eleven records, I have to prove anything to anybody, I am several times been referred to as living ski legend. I wanted to make it in this winter only and exclusively for my ex-girlfriend, but that’s a different story. Fitness training has fallen every year more difficult me in advance, this summer I’ve can motivate again correctly even me, even if the reason is history. I’m fit as ever in my career. Now I make it for my great team in the background, these unique experiences in a great mountain scenery and for myself.” Fluhr tells about the background of his last season in competitive sports. However, the last winter has developed a momentum of its own.

13 records should be there at the end, are now at the end of the winter in striking distance of 15 records moved. In addition to improving the existing outdoor world record, again significantly more lift facilities will be according to Christian’s will. The native Oberhausen want to grab still 2 world records on skis, which he so far still not held. The contracts are currently unfortunately not all dry. My team and I negotiate with various destinations, but I am confident that everything will work out. And one thing is certain, I will no longer take what I can not implement this winter in the winter in attack. With competitive sports deadline is after this season.” Includes Fluhr going Pallas Berlin at the start of the Ski Club. Fluhr will go to Berlin after the winter, then to work with the CDU. See also link to the new season Introclip “Highway To Skiing”: more information about Christian Fluhr also on the Internet at