July Rhubarb

Many of us are familiar with rhubarb childhood, sweet and sour flavors are replaced in due course the taste of caramel. Widely distributed in cooking rhubarb and today. Petioles of young leaves are used as a jealous fresh, and when cooking compotes, kissels, jams, fillings for cakes and even . This early plant is very rich in vitamins, nutrients and iron, as evidenced by its sour taste. Rhubarb is propagated as seeds, and dividing the bush.

By planting jealous should be given on the plot the most moist and fertile soil, taking into account the fact that the permanent place of rhubarb can grow ten – fifteen years. For bush propagation by division is best suited four-five year plant, which divide the rhizomes with a knife and take the side of the landing. When planting seeds jealous, first grown seedlings and seeds to sow in that greenhouse for 40-50 days before landing a permanent place. Sowing seeds to seedlings can be produced twice a year – in late June and the fall before frost. Seedlings planted in a jealous hole or groove depth of 40 centimeters, having plants at a distance of 80-100 cm from each other. When planting seedlings in the holes and grooves added humus. The first harvest will be jealous of rent on the second or third year after planting. Gather the rhubarb is desirable in June as the latest in aging plants and July lack of moisture in the leaves jealous accumulation of oxalic acid, and use them becomes undesirable.