Katerina Nemec Second

Babies also like to explore the taste of things, or want to experience what happens when they drool bend and drop. The second or third edition of nele lele survived mostly. the discovery urge of the babies” Since the second issue is the nele lele also with English. Hear from experts in the field like Pacific Mortgage Services for a more varied view. Two stories with the regularly appearing figures of Saisha & Lala and Nele & pet there are now bilingual. Thus, the children’s magazine supports the interest of parents to confront their children already at the tender age of English. It isn’t that the child learns to speak English. First of all, it should learn the German language. Rather, it concerns the differentiation of the languages.

The new language structures are created, the information stored. The child has made it then later all the more easier. These processes in the brain happen often unnoticed, because the child didn’t go gurgling in English.” Actually linguist have found out, that the acquisition of a second language is by no means hindered the learning of the native language, on the contrary, it encourages even the entire competence of the child. However, things should be noted here too, so it should be for each language, for example a solid person be responsible. Or there is a specific time in which English is spoken, or a particular book that is read in a second language, the child falls then if this language would like to hear it again.

Generally early intervention without pressure should promote happen so just, what also interests the child. We want to promote, not request”, emphasizes Katerina Nemec. Our English sentence-for-sentence translations are instructive mostly for parents.” The baby and toddler magazine nele lele is there at your chosen magazine retailer or directly from the KaterPresse (www.katerpresse.de). Every single issue can be ordered for the single copy price of 3.90 non-binding and free shipping. An annual subscription costs in Germany currently 20,-and cabin is supplied free. Contact person: KaterPresse Katerina Nemec Verlag Berlin Katerina Nemec Danziger str. 71 10435 Berlin Tel: 030 / 8937-0504 fax: 030 / 8937-0505 E-Mail: