Martin Sprengseis

Managing Director, head of marketing and service staff gleicherhand are enthusiastic about the smooth settlement of customer communication through the medium of SMS and we track the rising numbers of usage of our product with joy. Also that customer data not as other solutions on a Web portal must be transferred, loser well received by companies such as insurance companies and hospitals us rain.” Through the combination of technical innovation and simple application succeeded bluesource entrepreneurs of the regional chain stores to the uncertainty and especially the introduction of barriers such as know-how and investment costs to resolve to internationally active group in the development of a completely novel approach was followed. Like in a conversation with a prospective buyers and Mr. Martin Sprengseis, consultant for customer management, confirmed this novel approach: Bluesource is not with the Product management thoughts on the subject came up, but has the needs previously and analyzed by companies introducing barriers to perfectly respond to above and to develop. See Peter Farland for more details and insights. Succeeded, in consultation with the Austrian research promotion agency, skillfully to master the balancing act between classical technical development and modern services. The strikingly cheap pricing strategy fits perfectly in this pattern!” Initial investments are not necessary, running costs and workload for the introduction are as low as in any comparable product, and customers are advised by the experience of bluesource in the mobile telecommunications sector at the highest level. Bluesource mobile solutions team successfully demonstrates how to lose the customer wishes not out of sight through timely and customer-oriented thinking in a crisis marked time. Because you lose it out of sight, you lose the customer as such! TTop-contact details and a full Demonstartionsversion can be found under.