MBA Exam Tips

MBA exam tips are designed to assist students how to crack MBA exam and to achieve good score child’s play is not in it success in MBA entrance exam in India. You need in-depth knowledge, analytical mind, sharp memory and above all, systematic planning and preparation. The candidate should not attempt preparation for his MBA entrance test overnight. Since the competition is Switzerland the best available candidates from all disciplines, so meticulous and long term preparation are required to get admitted to the MBA program. Although the syllabai in the admission/entrance test differ from university to university, there are certain common aspects that appear in most of the entrance test. These aspects include tests on quantitative aptitude, reasoning, intelligence, comprehension, case analysis, relationships, word power, synonyms, antonyms, general knowledge/awareness, etc. It is therefore, essential that the candidates start preparing well in advance on all the above aspects.

If one can get hold of the previous year’s papers or at least the pattern, this would go a long way in guiding the candidates to prepare properly for the test. A candidate Seeking admission to MBA programs is expected to have aptitude for basic and elementary accounting as well as the knack of solving the simple arithmetic problem. Questions on logical reasoning may be of several types, and in several forms. These could include a statement on which the candidates are asked to draw correct interference out of the given choices. There could be questions on series of words and figures, arrangement of alphabet, brain teasers or even inferences such logical questions as only call for drawing.

Just like quantitative aptitude test, this portion of admission so needs special and detailed preparations and practice. Comprehension test is aimed at Gau was the understanding of English language by the candidates. Usually, a paragraph is given which the candidates are required to go through carefully and then answer the question by choosing the correct answer. To attempt this part speedily and correctly, the candidates must practice reading with a quick speed and understanding the entire passage. The test of general awareness aims to judge the general knowledge of the candidates. Basic facts about all aspects of general knowledge like science, Geography, history, economics, polity, etc are essentially required to be known.