Michael Bruck

Possible about 114 years, one would need more than a million flavours to try all variants. And at every hour a new Board. With this immense variety of tastes chocri offers my chocolate”since September 1, 2008 on fair trade milk, dark and white organic chocolate with over 80 different ingredients in selectable combination. The palette ranges from anise over blueberries and fennel to cinnamon and roasted onions. Real gold powder for the election is for the extravagant claim. The customer selects his chocolate at according to his taste desire.

After a few days he can his chocriation”enjoy them at home. “Behind this sweet” business idea the two 22-year Berlin students Franz Duge and Michael Bruck are already for three years the Shocoladen “successfully operate on the Internet. “Every chocolate” their credo that implementation of the new, individualized product from the outset Godfather stood when he was. With a percent Their sales the two young entrepreneurs is involved in one of the cocoa – main growing regions, in the Ivory Coast. Here, a fountain for an orphanage was built as a first measure together with the charity of DIV children.