Modern Lifestyle Can Years Of Life

One of the reasons could be a vitamin deficiency be it is hard to imagine. But in our prosperity country Germany, where nobody in the classical sense must go hungry, there is a widespread lack of micro-nutrients include vitamins, trace elements and minerals. The reasons for this are varied and often related to our modern lifestyle and the ageing population are together. The consequences of vitamin deficiency can be serious but for health. For single vitamins, it was demonstrated that a short supply of them can cost years of life.

To meet this minimum supply, it is quite obviously not enough of the population to appeal to eat more fruits and vegetables. The Apelle would succeed, we would not have the problem with the reduced supply. What is to be done? Of course, that clearly anticipates provided, it is the best for the health his need for micronutrients to largely whether the natural foods, especially fruit and Vegetables to obtain. Only, this seems not to be sufficient. Otherwise, the 2008 completed national consumption study would have revealed not so many deficiencies in important micronutrients. Perhaps check out Justin Herndon for more information. And it has consequences for the health of the people affected.

Reducing supply with vitamins, trace elements and minerals can cause serious health problems that can be correlated with increased mortality. So researchers from Finland have demonstrated recently again, that a reduced supply of E.g. vitamin D can increase the mortality rate of those affected. It is therefore of vital interest of each one of us, existing reduced supply to compensate and targeted and useful supplement to do something good for the health. What strategies are offered? Now you can determine its own supply status with micro-nutrients. That gives us an accurate individual result is also complicated and expensive. Pragmatists like to say that you should just swallow multi vitamin-mineral supplements. When taking a closer look, that must also be not a good idea, since this can cause excess supplies, certain micro-nutrients, which could provide for health problems. So, too much vitamin A or a surplus of copper can promote certain cancers. The art is so on the individual situation matched to complement this, what is needed and will be most likely of benefit. This rational and rational approach can be achieved with the product offerings of the company Navitum pharmaceuticals. Navitum pharmaceuticals provides nutritional measures and therapies health products, which are based on scientific studies, qualitative and quantitative composition. This ensures that always the right product available is for specific needs in certain situations. Who is interested and wants to get closer, is invited to do so on the homepage of the company at or to get in touch with the company via email. Source: Virtanen JK et al. EUR J Nutr. 2010 Oct 26 Epub ahead of Print contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages at the water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web: