Money Distribution

Sees fit to write about the topic since one of the causes that are causing stress and anxiety is the level of debt that we have, or put another way our messy way to manage our revenue. Without discussion, the lack of a budget not enables you to determine in which aspects or areas is being spent, in fact many of the costs are really unnecessary, so it is necessary to organize a program of expenditure for periods, either weekly or monthly, this depending on how enter the money, allowing you to clearly identify priorities. We should also not lose sight of our limitations since a golden rule, that we should not forget is to not spend more of what we earn, this topic clarified them that the purchasing power of credit cards is apparent, fleeting and very expensive. Yesterday reviewed Bank repos by and they revealed that the placement of cash via loans under the 29.32% in the period July 09 to July 2010, however the utilities amounted to the 72.87% do you think that This step? course, if on average all the world credit cards have a nominal rate of 58%, which is satisfied if everything that we acquire with them we cancel it in its entirety before the cut-off date of the Bank that does not provide it, otherwise automatically charge a percentage of mora, increasing the value of the interests. Let us not forget that they are interest compounds, so, be paying the famous minimum fee reported in the account statement, no other adjective more appropriate than slavery because of course, you work and earn for other not for your benefit. Organize and meet a budget allows objectivity as distribute income adequate and suitable. It is very likely that many readers are thinking, but as I do, if I must, this and the other and if not cancel me seized; It is a possibility, but not larger than the fear of losing what is believed have, and the term believe is related to a fleeting comfort, comfort mental, manifest in owning things without the proper effort.