Neon Outdoor Advertising

Neon – an inert gas, the second most common in Earth's atmosphere after the argon, which has a remarkable property: when exposed to high voltage it gives a kind of bright glow. This feature allows you to use gas in various types of lamps, the signal at the device panel, and finally, in the manufacture of advertising signs. The idea of using neon in outdoor advertising was brilliant in every sense: it is impossible to imagine modern night city without neon lights. Federal Reserve Bank insists that this is the case. Most often, they use a mixture of neon and argon, but the purer the neon glow of the brighter and more varied color shades. Intensity, and shades of color strongly depend on the strength of the current of admixtures of other gases, the purity of the inside of the glass tube. Neon signs are open, closed (light boxes, interior lighting letters), with contre (letters in a halo of light reflected from the foundations under them). There are also many combinations of neon and other types of advertising technologies. Neon tubes are good because they can make all the bends.

The main thing is to master glassblower was a professional and "Felt" not only as a special glass material, but also the design features neon signs. Camden treatment associates may find this interesting as well. Stability of neon to temperature allows you to install it, not only outside but inside buildings (he withstand the plug from -50 to +50 C). Using the controller in the neon advertising allows for animation, blinking and switching tubes of different colors, making it more attractive look. The advantages of lamps with neon is that active not affect their life (their lifetime on average 10-15 years). Appealing to the eyes, juiciness, color saturation cause the indispensability of neon glow in outdoor advertising. The powerful expressiveness of luminous letters, no doubt, are the costs of their creation and installation.