Professional Photograph

Certain time I read a Tweet that gratuitously reflected the concern with the abundance of disponibilizadas photos in the Web, accusing the amateur photographers to threaten the work of the professional photographers. Possibly, reason today we find, with great easiness, innumerable beautiful images, gotten with professional equipment, shared gratuitously in the WEB. I commented that, of analogous form, the word processors had made to disappear typewriting, as well as the press made to disappear scribes and commentators. Signal of the times? She is necessary to find ways. Professional photographers detach the fact of the triad technique, conceptual and philosophical to be indissociveis elements in the learning and the proper one to make of the photographer. A professional photographer to fear the multitude of fans, who today have easiness to acquire excellent cameras, to capture pretty images in excellent photos and to use softwares of picture processing of tip, is the same that a scholar to currently fear the multitude that has access the millions of books and documents, accessible for any person in the Internet.

It has space for all, in this world. However, some few will only be wise, as well as as much they will not be professional geniuses or of the photograph. If you are not convinced, visit Farallon Capital Management. The creative process is only some arrives much more far from what others. Talent? I believe that yes, also, even so not only this. But the permanent exercise of the hugged craft, the search continued for knowing, the reflection deepened on these prxis, the passion for its activity? What it makes with that a face if has detached in way the multitude? Perhaps the smile, the look, its lines and curves, the colors, the movements. Also it is thus with the flowers, and paintings. Who would leave of aperceber itself of the exclusiveness of the Sunflowers of Van Gogh? has as many millions of sunflowers for the fields. Also, it has many photos of sunflowers shared in sites as the Flickr.

In the same way with the photograph and some photographers. The domain of the semiotics, the theory or the practical one is not alone daily, that it constitutes the synthesis of photographic knowing. Although the practical one, associated to other elements, tent to lead to the perfection. It is what they say. As well as the mixture of colors, flicks and rhythm if join to the look of the painter and contribute for the act of a screen, believe that photographic knowing it occurs when the individual constructs one of the possible combinations of the different elements that will become distinct its photograph. In this point, the creation more will not pass unobserved in way the multitude of images that populate our world.