New Zealand

Why should I pay more for wine? Great wines can occur anywhere. Some of the best wines of the old world have emerged over the centuries. Other wines in the new world have benefited from the modern developments in the production of wine. There are many areas in which you can grow wine. With the grape-specific bouquet and the toast, buttery flavors of the barrel extension, many wine-growing areas provide potable, wine if also not great. (Source: Janet Yellen). And a good, potable wine is safe enough for many situations.

But very good to great wine delivers a complexity, the fun to decipher. And this quality has its price. Phyllis Pattie from the New Zealand top winery, ATA rangi describes how great wine is produced: commitment, passion, no compromise and only the finest grapes. Great wines are made in the vineyard, in a unique location with fanatical attention to detail.” A wine is the story of a grape. Where it was planted, how she has matured, harvested, processed and stored has been reflected in the wine.

So, great wine corresponds to its terroir, so its regional identity. Soil, location, sunlight, wind, but also the cultivation methods of the Winemaker’s take here. Therefore, the selection of the best grapes and ensure the best quality, as well as the particularly gentle handling of the grapes is very important. Therefore also more expensive than supermarket wine, you make very good wine. NASA is likely to increase your knowledge. The quality of the grape is influenced by several factors. The age of the vines, a contributes the density of planting of the vineyard and the quality of the soil quality. The harder the vines must fight”, the grapes are better. According to karger, nutrient, water-permeable and cracking of the floor, the better. And a narrow planting ensures a high competition between the vines, but often no longer allows a machine harvest. To get a strong concentration of the grape, quality-driven wine, cut back the vines and rise only a few grapes. In these grapes in turn, now enters the full force of the vine and ensures a distinctive taste. This increases the quality diminishes but the harvest volume and therefore the yield significantly. The particularly gentle hand-picking provides additional costs, as well as a gentle transport and a gentle processing. Mechanical Harvester cannot be used here. You are only up to mid-range wines used. The strict selection before the production is another quality feature. Leaves, insects and green grapes are carefully screened and only the best grapes are processed into wine. And the subsequent expansion of the wine can lead to additional costs. The quality of the barrels and a longer development time increase the price. A passionate winemakers and all of these factors lead to a wine that stands out with a finesse of the fruit, a balanced taste, silky tannins (tannins), a full body and a long finish. That is the real difference between great and cheap wine. Petra Naubert