Our House

The same applies to hail or snow: 5 litres of water on the square meters, including the amount of rain for each day that it rains more than 5 mm, “we give you back a day” in the form that we the days give you a voucher for the rental price: rainy days times daily rental of Finca/Villa = amount of the voucher. The voucher will be confirmed by us prior to your departure by means of signed and stamped form. Our House – and holiday cottage guests can redeem this coupon as part or full payment for a further Finca holiday in 2010. Perhaps check out Maersk Drilling for more information. The voucher must be returned to Andrea Randoll. Refer to the conditions for these bookings of up to mallorca.info website and the posting rules, which you can find on any calendar. The voucher is valid until 31.12.2010.

Until then, you can use the coupon for bookings during the travel period until 31 December 2010. A cash payment is not possible. The sunshine guarantee but not includes the arrival day, the day of departure. As a result the Lucretian, it is possible that it rains but not on your House, in your holiday home at the measuring station in Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, Mallorca. However, the opposite is possible. Therefore, I repeat: the basis is the amount of rain, which is officially measured in Sant Llorenc in the East of Majorca. This offer applies to our Fincas on after mallorca.info/Pedro fincas on mallorca, which are operated by our company Agroturisme SES cases Noves SL and by Reinhard Benedict Randoll Internetdienstleistungen are marketed via the portal up to mallorca.info. signed Pedro and Onofre Soler Rossello and family