Panasonic Documents

Such a decision allows you to equip the office with all necessary equipment to work with documents using a single unit. However, there is a downside to this convenience: in the case of failure to stop working at once all the components. However, traditional reliability Panasonic products can confidently recommend this mfp manufacturers as a high-quality and inexpensive equipment for the organization of the office. Multifunction Panasonic KX-FLM653 has a built in usb interface for communication with computer, speed up to 33.6 kbit / s print speed 14 pages per minute, and memory for receiving up to 170 pages in the absence of paper, the following model KX-FLB813 bit more 'rapid-firing' – prints at speeds of 18 pages minute and is equipped with a color flatbed scanner. And finally, a senior mfp Panasonic KX-FLB853 can serve as a network device – with the help of a network card (sold separately) you can connect it to the local network and accessed from any workstation.

All described models have laser mfp printer, the cost of consumables per copy is about the same as that of laser fax machines. In the professional line Fax Series Panafax into account latest requirements for the organization of document processing. All models in this series since the UF-4100 has an interface for connecting to a pc, supports data transfer standard Super G3, which allows you to transfer A4 page in 3 seconds, while working with others in the same apparatus by adjusting specific parameters, this time can be reduced, as well as several other useful functions: dispatch, delayed transmission, forwarding of all received faxes to a predetermined number, polling, protection from unauthorized access, and others. Panafax UF-6100 has a keyboard that allows you to enter characters by pressing one (rather than several, as in previous models). To work with a large the flow of incoming and outgoing documents are ultra-fast network fax UF-7100 UF-8100, with a high-speed scanning and printing documents, increased memory, expandable through an SD-card, built-in network adapters for connecting to the network, as well as the Internet Fax.

This feature allows you to install a special set of equipment to transmit a scanned document by e-mail, as well as to receive and automatically print the e-mail without connecting to a pc. The presence of built-in keyboard lets you enter the email addresses for sending documents to work in a local network or introduce any necessary textual information. For especially large streams of information provides the installation of additional paper trays or a kit to connect a second telephone line. All fax Panasonic units feature modern stylish design, excellent fit with any decor, and a wide variety of manufactured products will pick the most appropriate model for ensuring reliable fax to any conditions.