Phra That Nong Sam Mun

In contrast to the real Stonehenge the rock formations are created though, of course, and did not exist Druids here also. The North of Chayaphum’s attracts its guests with its relaxed atmosphere in the spell, and after the first night we can easily imagine, comfortably in a hammock on a small lake to spend the next few days. Instead, we meet with John and Mike, with which we take interesting tours in the surroundings the next two days. So we looked at in particular a small and probably unique in Thailand Temple next to nature, Phra That Nong Sam Mun WAT the 400-year-old. Since we now know that there is a hell in Buddhism, in the misconduct be punished during the life. Other attractions include the wild animal breeding Phu Khieo wildlife sanctuary, the temple WAT Tham Phraya Chang Puak with its beautiful ceiling paintings and Nam put Thap Lao, a natural source of the to earlier Once Laotian soldiers have provided with food and water. Today it serves in the hot season as a welcome opportunity to bathe. For travelers who want to spend a leisurely vacation away from the tourist crowds in cosy accommodation with a family connection and to appreciate simple but tasty food, we can recommend Chayaphum of conscience. Here you can pass the days slow in itself and every now and then take a trip in the surrounding area or North up to the Mekong. Can you learn more about the tour? Then go to our travel blog!