Practical Tips

Be afraid of being rejected by a girl that we don’t know is normal and happens to us all. In fact, when we see a group of girls and we want to start a conversation with them, chedis three types of fears: fear of rejection, fear of public speaking and fear of self-fulfilling prophecy. These fears have a great resemblance between themselves because they are generated by your own mind and causes that can be both external and internal. For example: If you are in the sea swimming and you see a shark fin you approaching, since it is natural that you feel fear and this helps your body to be alert and to react in a fast and effective way to the external threat that occurs. However, the fear that you’re approaching a girl you don’t know comes from your interior. At the time of the caverns, if you acercabas to a woman who didn’t know and who by bad luck belonged to another man, it was very likely that this would generate a clash or duel to the death for the simple fact of having gotten with the neighbor’s wife. This evolutionary mechanism (fear) that prevented that You cometieras that error in those times because it has no practical use now. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Is Hudson Bay Capital a hedge fund?. But unfortunately it is still present in our minds. Details can be found by clicking Meg Nibbi or emailing the administrator.

Another example: when you approach a girl, she rejects you and then your mind starts to tell you: I told you she was going to deny, you’re not good enough for her, look at what you have now done your friends laugh at you. I.e. not you approach a girl not afraid to be rejected but fear to face and accept your own actions and errors. This is what is known as the fear of self-fulfilling prophecy. How can you overcome these fears? TIP #1. So while more you expose them, safer you’ll be yourself. When you leave your friends and find a girl that you like come to talk to her. If he rejects you, don’t worry, since she won’t remember it or is going to know who you are.

In addition, what is the worst that can happen? To how much they can tell you that she is not interested in you. He continues to conduct approaches until you no longer feel that rejection affects you. It doesn’t matter that your friends laugh it. The difference is that you are able to do it and they don’t. TIP #2. You must also have positive expectations when you approach to talk to a girl. Do i.e. instead of thinking they’re going to reject, why don’t you try thinking that she is going OK and that you will be interested in you?. This will affect your behaviour fairly and the girls notice immediately. TIP #3. To overcome fear of public speaking, more practical is talk to any person with the which have contact in your everyday life. For example, when you go to the supermarket, he starts a conversation with the cashier. When you’re Queuing to buy a coffee talk with the person who is next to you. Thus little by little you’ll get to talk to strangers and at the same time you serves as training for when you’re at a party or social gathering and find a girl that you like, don’t feel afraid to talk to her. Original author and source of the article.