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The scientific evidence has shown a Relation between Some buccal infections and certain tombs systemic diseases of cardiovascular, pulmonary and endocrine character (diabetes mellitus) As well as with alterations in the gestation. HAD to one this association between infection and other systemic diseases, it is fundamental To avoid as far as possible the odontognicas infections or to identify them and to deal with them fast and Suitable form. Sometimes, a odontognica infection Can extend place already to give polimicrobianas infections in other locations like the paranasales sines (sinusitis to maxilar odontognica), the cervicofaciales aponeurotic spaces, the palate, the central nervous system (cerebral abscess), endocardio (endocarditis), etc Dissemination of the buccal infection a Traverse of the anatomical planes. Many Severe Infections of the Bucofacial Region are developed like consequence of odontognicas infections, which scatter a Traverse of the anatomical planes looking for the routes that OFFER minor resistance. The Dissemination of the buccal infections Usually an aponeurotic Traverse of the planes and spaces Follow passages anatomical; these infections Can go in ascent being able to affect the cavernous brain, sines, and Orbits, by venous direct Dissemination Through plexo pterigoideo and plexo in the grave to pterigomaxilar; Also They can go in reduction and To reach the mediastino by contiguous Dissemination a Traverse of the parafarngeos, retrofarngeos spaces, and retroviscerales the cerebral abscesses Can be developed DUE TO ONE bacteriemia, subsequent to the accomplishment of Some dental Procedures, or by the Propagation of odontognicas infections. The frequency of cerebral abscesses caused by buccal infections is low, but When These Appear, They have serious complications the infectious endocarditis is defined as the colonization, Generally, bacterial of endocardio (particularly in the cardiac valves).

It is developed as a result of the Dissemination by hematgena route of bacteria of the buccal flora, a cause of Procedures During Some dental therapies. The caused pulmonary abscesses Can be, in patients with odontognicas infections; approximately a third of the pulmonary abscesses buccal infectious centers have been atribudos. The osteomyelitis to maxilar is an inflammatory reaction of bone and marrow, Which Can be originated Due to the Dissemination by hematgena route of a estafilocccica infection, From buccal infectious centers the infectious processes buccal stories like the periodontitis, periapicales abscesses and dental decay, very frequently Is present in the patients with clinical pictures of acute infarct of the myocardium. Meningitis is defined as an inflammation of meninges, which Can Appear as a result of the Dissemination of an infection to dentoalveolar. Among others.