Proper Diet Secret

… that is the information that you wanted to withhold from you! Every day you use salt if you want it or not. Salt is everywhere even if it is not necessarily on it or is so point that you no longer can read it. Our so-called ordinary table salt has not much to do with the pleasure or the seasoning of a wholesome food. It is here only to sodium chloride.

The actual salt are almost all elements out refined this. This in turn is done with almost 2000 chemicals. Over 90% of this remaining sodium chloride goes now to the industry required sodium chloride for many various chemical procedures and processes. The rest is actually sold in the grocery store than table salt. But not only that before even lots of various chemicals be added to increase as the flow of salt. In addition, the salt is even with iodine. To find out why it is not only superfluous but even dangerous later in a special Contribution to the topic of iodine. So, we left a toxic cocktail of which we eat about 12 to 20 grams.

Can our healthy kidneys but only about 5-7 grams per day processing element. The rest may crystallize and form to kidney stones or the well-known calcification in later years or even worse. Real good salt has not only two but 84 elements. These are millions of years old and contain among other things valuable information that is stored in the salt and urgently needed by our body. But what is the alternative: what is the secret of proper nutrition? Sea salt? Here, however, is the threat posed by the strong contamination of the waters. Also, sea salt is often refined and mixed with iodine. Rock salt? If left untreated and not contaminate safely a good alternative. Pure crystal salt here is the silver bullet. To recommend specifically the Hunza is crystal salt. This is recommended by the pioneer of the truth about water and salt, Peter Ferreira and was examined by him. You get Crystal salt normally only in good health food store or usually cheaper over the Internet. If you should want to learn more you to necessarily look at the classic lecture by Peter Ferreira here: then throw your old sodium chloride anyway in the trash can and take the first step to a healthier future.