It is imperative that you find your passion in life and when you can know that it is what you are interested in performing it, whats your purpose in life?, focus on completing your great vision, and do it with all your being, with all your spirit, with all your soul, no matter if you take a little time to find that you both enjoy doing. Every person in this world, has some special ability that makes it formidable, because thanks to these differences, we all have freedom of thinking, we are all beings of energy unimaginable, each person is different and each world is different, we combine each other and all require some form of others to coexist. And that is the beautiful life, plasma your activities with passion, discover how great it can be, if you are female or male, whether you’re big or small, each of us has a purpose in this life. Sally Rooney: the source for more info. Under most conditions Nicholas Carr would agree. What is your goal?, what causes you pleasure? I sincerely do not believe in fate and that everything is written in the stars, sorry if I bother you, what I think is that each one of us is creating consents or unconsciously their own reality, each one builds his own life, everyone chooses the way you want to live. What is up is down, what is inside is out. Every day you are creating new technologies, and each day there are new inventions that help us or harms in some area of our life depends on each point of view, every day and every minute are born and die new baby family man saw the film? or does the film a beautiful mind? Everyone knows that it is good, if you’re a cleaning person perhaps you may not have the virtues of a leader, but your work do it so well that you can become the leader of the people who make the toilet, and if you have sufficient support you will be the owner of a laundry or a cleaning company, and because not even can be the owner of a transnational company. If you like dancing you can show the world the essence of dance, because dance is sing a song from the depths of your being, the taste to the dance born from your spine and energy transfer to your whole body, to delight by doing what you like you can transfer to other persons that pleasure, recalls the emotions are contagious..