Religious History

This man whose original name was Saul, was a Jew perseguidor of Christians a , one of the bitterest enemies of Christianity among the Jews, the story of his conversion, while on his way to Damascus, is told by himself in the Bible The fact is that this man is not one of the apostles, never knew Christ and his teachings never participated directly, but was revealed as a great strategist and organizer, and with the same determination that had been devoted to pursue devoted Christians, after his a milagrosaa conversion, to spread the Christian message and mostly to organizations which in their design or should have been the Christian religion in the light of the futility of the true apostles in this sense, we must keep in mind that at that time the term a Iglesiaa literally took its meaning in Greek: a Eclesiaa which means a reunion of personasa and did not refer to buildings used for worship as interpreted today. The design of Saul or Paul, the church should actively organized and clear to ensure their survival and the best way to do that was hierarchical and distribute sensitive and important functions of several members so that if one died or was imprisoned not community remain without leadership and direction that was precisely what happened in the first instance after the execution of Christ and again after implementation of some of the apostles, that way if something were not done the iglesiaa a would soon be dismantled and forgotten. .