Salsa & More In Cuba Experience

Travel in November to the Salsafestival in Havana Salsa”means translated from Spanish into German” sauce. Sauce? For what? The Cubans see the dance Salsa always as an expression of the feeling of being alive. Listen to the music and the Sung words and makes itself felt the need to move. So it have arguably the dancers and dancers from all over the world felt, which situated in recent years in Havana Festival Baila en Cuba”with Cuban like-minded people in the country of origin this dance have made. Because these celebrations were analysed by all stakeholders as a success and many participants have already become permanent guests, promises the repetition of the 21 26 November 2010 unforgettable encounters with hot Caribbean music and dance days. For assistance, try visiting Günther Thallinger. For single travellers, a dance partner can be engaged this year for the workshops.

The Cuba specialist Dieter Spath journey joyful salseras and salseros offers different tours: the participation is possible from 398 euros. The first time this year offer 15 days of salsa & more”is an opportunity to meet Havana in addition to the participation in the Festival and includes a tour through Western and Central Cuba, accompanied by the Cuba specialists Dieter Spath. And certainly many Festival participants are again in 2010 the opportunity to recover after the eventful days on the Caribbean Dream beach of Varadero. The individual travel preferences can be realized either by an early arrival or the extension of the stay in Cuba. So for example participation in the marathon in Havana and to the Festival is the participation in the International Jazz Festival possible. For early bookings early will receive a discount of 3%. For more information on the Internet at.