The great cities currently suffer with the garbage excess, therefore many of them are played in the street, causing at great time of rain floods and overflows that can cause loss of property or even though to take one person the death. The illnesses at this time also are favorable, most common are the Leptospirose, illness caused for rat piss, the reached victims more are the children. Another problem also is the lack of space in the sanitary aterros, therefore the amount deposited to each day grows in absurd ratios and the lack of one politics directed toward the recycling the problem of the garbage is precarious aggravating each time more and complicating the environment. However, the man not yet placed in practical the solution of the recycling that can change the life of all. The schools are great models that can act with this activity to change the way of life, being separated garbage and implanting awarenesses for the pupils as well as for the population of the cities. Through the awareness lack one not only plays in the garbage food remaining portions but also can, bottle PET, plastics, cardboard, papers and other objects that can be reused, exist cases that the people play material remaining portions even though toxic that can cause some problems as the blindness or take the displayed death if to this dangerous poison (cases as cesium 147 that it happened in Goiania). Many schools exist that acquire knowledge the pupils through lectures, of the advantage of the selective collection and the advantages of a people if to worry and to watch over for the environment where it lives. Little is come close making, but already it is a start, however with the speed that acmolo of garbage comes being produced, and its disordered distribution, have caused proximate damages, as the clogging of sewers and streams, thus we must have faster and certeiras actions, therefore the consequncias generated for this current culture, can compromise the life of future generations.