Understanding Education

With this it characterized the education in all its aspects, as a process in each individual can learn and teach in elapsing of its history that is lived and transformed for the same. It defined the social context of utmost relevance for the life of educating, therefore it is from same the educative process that the same can contribute for the understanding of the society where lives or through the oppression for the conditional habits and values for the same one. The education also is a phenomenon where the culture is predominant for the advance in its development in the educative process, knowing that without the culture it does not have education, therefore the same one is born from the cultural necessities of the involved ones. The conscience of the world to its redor and of its rights before the world is acquired during the educative process and its history of life. The history of the education allows to understand as the educative process happened all identifying to the problems and qualities of each time to be surpassed or transformed. When the adult the pupil lived and continues living such history and the professor is incapable to erase it, the professor is not the only detainer of knowing the human being is not one tabulates flat as he would say some authors, but one to be that lives, therefore possesss previous knowledge that can be used in its proper learning. As already it was displayed beyond a historical process, the education also is cultural, according to author the education is a result of culture of the individuals that it belongs.

However it allows the current transformation of definitive cultures. Without forgetting that the education that we search goes to depend on the governing that fit we to choose. The individual has that to exactly know itself and the ways that the society defines and distributes the education so that they can gain in fact with more quality and amount.