Social Market Economy

Brechner JOSE Loans that the White House is providing companies with financial difficulties are causing a shift conceptual and material of capitalism. If we stick with the “laissez faire” that is the basis of free market relief measures put in check the system. Logic dictates that those who managed their businesses wrongly, capricious, unscrupulous, speculatively, or incompetently, fall and suffer the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, as would leave millions on the street, they are throwing a lifeline money ever glimpsed. The two companies that generated the financial meltdown, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – acronyms Federal National Mortgage Association (Federal National Mortgage Association) and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Mortgage Corporation and Federal Home Loan), respectively – were detonating the explosion of being under the tutelage of the state, playing the role of big brother gave loans to people unable to cover, in order to affordable housing to all Americans.

The two control almost half the entire mortgage market amounting to 12 billion dollars (trillions in English). The wisdom and experience should make it clear that the state should not manage the affairs of the people! But that’s what happened and these are the results. Appropriation, the state is providing a financial cushion to the private economy, which will bring painful consequences to taxpayers. Implement social programs that Obama, will exacerbate the crisis much more. Two thirds of the loans are aimed at resolving the spending. United States is going to be a market economy to a “social market economy.” It was Ludwig Erhard, Minister of Finance of the Christian Democratic government of Konrad Adenauer, who coined the term “social market economy” in West Germany after World War II.