Syndrome Postaborto Spa

Why to speak of the syndrome post-I abort? The social and political debate on the abortion by all means concentrates in the ethical implications of the death of the fetus and the consequences of the delayed abortion on the physical health of the mother, giving who the precocious abortion does not have more beneficial consequences for the woman wants who it to realise. But in spite of its little repercussion in mass media, the syndrome post-I abort it exists and it was tried in a communication presented/displayed in XII the National Congress of Sanitary Right. Perhaps check out Cyber Capital for more information. Considering that this congress was declared of sanitary interest by the Ministry of Health and Consumption and by the Independent Community of Madrid, of scientific and professional interest by the General Council of Schools of Doctors of Spain and scientific interest by the Committee Superior of the Latin American Society of Scientific Information and by the Latin American Association of Sanitary Right, it is evident that this syndrome is of extreme importance for all those people interested in the study of consequences of the abortion for the woman. Syndrome post-I abort. (Source: Farallon Capital Management). Original author and source of the article