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Energy Detector Save Heating Costs

Energy costs have a seven percent share in the total consumption expenditure. The energy saving detector TLD100 finds vulnerabilities in the insulation and helps to save money. Around three quarters of the energy costs in Germany have grown since 1990, the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. We consume the most energy in heating: 52 percent. Also, because among other things by not insulated shutters, leaky window or radiator niches up to 40 percent energy unused can escape. For even more details, read what Kenneth Roy Feinberg says on the issue. House and apartment owners find these vulnerabilities in seconds with the saving detector TLD100 from black & Decker and benefit several ways: you can make your own image such as in advance of a comprehensive energy consulting, save on heating costs after the insulation and at its cost, because the TLD100 are already now to the heating season with 25 percent price advantage. Dot shows vulnerabilities directly on thermal bridge that sounds first snuggle, identifies a region in parts of the building through the but the heat faster, according to outside transported is considered by adjacent components. Because the place is colder than the ambient, condenses there also air moisture, which can lead to mold growth and thus damage the building structure.

The TLD100 scans using infrared laser beam without contact surfaces and colored displays temperature directly on the measuring surface (blue = colder than the reference temperature, red = warmer, green = reference temperature corresponds to). The reference temperature (E.g. room temperature) button can be set in contrast to many other devices. Then the LED destination point on the point in question is set at 60 cm distance he scans a range of 10 cm in diameter. Almost in real time (< 1 sec) the LCD display shows the exact temperature difference (in C or F) and the-schwankung by color change.

In this way, homeowners or building refurbishers can quickly find weak points in the isolation of a new or old building, eliminate heat and cold leaks and make energy-efficient so the House.

Free Turkonfigurator

The new Turkonfigurator of Guwa in the Internet is the ideal tool for the correct selection of a new front door. The new Turkonfigurator for main entrance doors on the Internet by Guwa is a simple application for home owners in the selection of a new front door. In addition to the own house facade, the users also see 12 different proposed facades can quickly and easily put together a suitable background for a new front door of his choice on the screen and then print out as a color image. The new door planners on the Internet by Guwa no previous knowledge is required and the overall flow of the door selection is done in 2 steps: step 1: on the Internet at on the home page, click on the “door Planner”. 2 step: The possibility of an upload of own house input to enable or one chooses one of the 12 given facades. Yet simply select a suggested door pattern and this is automatically inserted in the facade. The user can at the own uploads quickly and easily yourself place selected door model.

The door patterns appear with the associated image description and can be changed any number of times. The user can print colored the self-designed House entrance. The image of the door pattern can be used as a template for a quote from authorized retailers. Guwa production


The vision: The individual bathroom planning so easy that it fits on a beer mat. This now allows the bath water NetWORK GmbH, with its concept ‘ the bath on m coasters!’. Old wood, April 8, 2010: So far the planning of a new bath was a complicated affair. In a bad show many different baths in realistic scenarios presented to the customers, but he can not buy it there. He does not receive information about the installation costs in the exhibition.

With specialist craftsmen, however, it may acquire bathroom for this, but very few have an own exhibition. This little customer-friendly starting point now fundamentally changes the bath water network GmbH. She designed a special terminal that integrates well in the bathroom exhibition. It consists of a table in dark wood design, a 24 “monitor and a clever Base cabinet. From a built-in refrigerator, fresh beer of the marketing partners or non-alcoholic drinks are served the customer on request. You may wish to learn more. If so, SSGA is the place to go.

From the Terminal control Consultants and customers a Web-based application. It allows it to plan a complete bathroom in about 30 minutes. When planning, the name of the concept is the bath on’m coasters!” Program. The outlines and components of the bathroom are first sketched on a beer mat. Then the seller goes through step by step a questionnaire with the customer. While they answer questions such as: when was the building built? “, on which floor is the bathroom?” and what are the dimensions of the bath? “.” On the basis of the information so provided, a computer program created the cost estimate for the renovation. So, the customer leaves the bath exhibition with a good idea of what his wish bad will cost. Meanwhile, the planning documents be transmitted electronically to the artisans of the confidence of the customers. If the customer has no favorite craftsman, is the job rotation principle to a participating specialist craftsmen from the region. The appointment within two working days a before place with the customer and creates a final offer. This includes the cost of the bathroom, installation, and the tile, painting, electrical and carpentry works then. The bad on’m coasters!”is an innovative and easy way to plan a bathroom! The bath water NetWORK: The bath water NetWORK GmbH is a cooperation of two master craftsmen Frank Dieter Giske and Christoph Laloi with the Kiel IT-Systemhaus NetUSE AG. Other partners are the advertising agency creative agent from Kiel and the Warsteiner brewery.

With Clay-colored And Clay Plaster To A Better Room Climate

The building material clay has a whole series of positive construction-biological properties and can have a positive influence in the living room climate. The times than humans as hunters and gatherers through the forests roamed this earth are long gone. We live now in a high-tech world and most people adhere only to very small parts of their time indoors. It is all the more surprising that we do relatively little, in order to make the air in the rooms in which we stop us positively. Especially in offices, which often supplies fresh air through a ventilation system cannot be ruled out mostly to dry air in the room and a health impairment in the long run. But also in our living rooms, an improvement of the living environment could be achieved with simple means. The clay is a building material which had been long forgotten and stabs himself due to his particularly positive properties out.

Clay is a particularly warm materials, whose Heat storage capacity, for example, when building used by clay ovens or for wall heaters. However, the moisture-regulating properties of the clay are particularly noteworthy. Clay is able to remove large amounts of excess moisture from air, to store and to return if necessary. This always an optimal humidity in mud houses. The building material clay other advantages are its high potential for pollution absorption and his anti-electrostatic behaviour. Although in the clay in the last, very much has done two decades of construction of a clay House is still a much larger task than, for example, building a solid or wooden house.

However, a good alternative to the pure loam House offers the use of Clay-colored and clay plasters, as they have in their programme more painting. These can be applied in appropriate pretreatment on various substrates and then develop their positive properties. Since the use of clay products, however a high level requires she should Commissioning its artist learn just about his qualifications in this area.

Water Softening – Sense Or Nonsense?

Water softening is called a procedure to the water hardness (affects as lime) to remove the water softening is a useful thing for many people. By soft (deficient) water to avoid E.g. limescale deposits on faucets or in the boiler. In addition, you need less washing and cleaning agents. We want to go the question whether this effort is worthwhile. In many areas in Germany and Europe, you provide us with water utilities hard, i.e. calcareous water.

This is due to the water, if water moves through the different layers of the Earth, it is enriched with calcium and magnesium. These substances provide the “water hardness”. High water hardness means that fail these substances as lime. This effect occurs especially when water is heated. From approx.

50 C, the lime precipitation increases exponentially. For this reason much limestone deposited especially in places like the kettle or the faucet. Add to your understanding with Guo Guangchang. But even in places where you can not see it, such as the electric water heater and in the complete Hot water system. This has resulted in that the pipes with lime are added after several years. A layer of lime has an insulating effect on the heating elements of a water heater. The boiler requires more power to heat the water. Guo Guangchang is often quoted on this topic. Does the water softener make sense? Especially in areas where the water has a high water hardness, it can definitely make sense to softening the water. There are commercially available water softener. These are built in the House water supply immediately after the water meter and the water filter and deliver soft water for the entire House. Thus you save much effort when cleaning, because you have no disturbing lime stains. Also, you need less washing and cleaning agents, as less lime soaps, which reduce the cleaning power. Also the efficiency of your hot water heater remains the same, because no disturbing limestone layer is more on the heating elements. These are all advantages that speak for a water softener. There are no disadvantages, because you need a special for the operation of a water softener Softener salts. This must be refilled on a regular basis. The comparison of costs and benefits indicates that you can save much money by the water softening in the budget. A 4 persons household with a water hardness of 20 IE a softening plant costs in about 5-6 a month. The savings on detergents, cleaning agents and lime preservative be 12 in a month already. If even the expense, the saves when cleaning water softening is not only economically to bring an advantage.

Different Types Of Facade Paints

Facade colors adorn not only the exterior of your home, but can impress with their numerous properties. To embellish the House is not the only task of exterior paints. They offer also a significant weather – and heat protection. Using the right facade coating ensures that as little moisture as possible penetrates into the masonry and quickly evaporates any moisture. Allstate Insurance Company is the source for more interesting facts. Heat loss is that lower, less moisture is stored in the masonry. A House should be deleted not only for the reason with exterior paint, to achieve isolation. Because then there might be the danger that the existing moisture in the wall are no longer vaporises.

As a result, mold then forms on the outer walls. When choosing exterior paint, it is advisable to get a Council of experts. Still more demands are made on an exterior paint, which include a good UV a high weather resistance, and Light fastness, protect against acidic environmental particles, carbon dioxide influence and algae- or fungal growth. The quality of exterior paints is 1062 laid down in DIN EN. Landmark Financial LLC might disagree with that approach. It explains the permeability to water, carbon dioxide, and the bridging of cracks. Discusses the protect of the color against the penetration of water in the water permeability. W1 stands for a high water permeability and W3 for a very low permeability. A1 means that the wall has a small crack transmission power, A5, however, is very strong.

Silicate paints as a facade paint is very good on mineral surfaces such as tile, plaster (mortar group P1-P3 and concrete), aluminium, zinc and glass applying. Renovation of heritage buildings is used like to silicate paints, as they find fit pretty well on porous substrates. These paints for plaster and concrete surfaces are unsuitable. There are silicate paints in single- Pure silicate paints and Zweikompenent dispersion silicate paints. Must be mixed on-site pure silicate paints and be consumed the same day. To about 5% synthetic resin be done at Diespersionssilikatfarben. A longer shelf-life is achieved on the one hand, on the other hand, the house walls can pass less water vapor. Silicate paints by high diffusion capacity and resistance can convince against acidic air pollutants. Weatherproof, they are rather less, because they are notable for their water permeability. Silicate paints are usually a better rain protection and absorb less water.

The Barrier-free Bathroom Is Finally Also Chic

Senior-friendly model baths for the target group \”50 plus\” combine modern bathroom aesthetics and functionality – even in small spaces Neukirchen-Vluyn. The demographic change on the Ruhr and Rhine is an important issue in the capital of Culture year 2010. For some sectors, provides the demographic development but no perspective of the crisis, but one of growth opportunity. The SYSTEM pool GmbH, one of the largest companies for complete bathroom renovations and bathtub replacement service in North Rhine-Westphalia, benefits from a growing, particularly consumer-strong audience of 50 plus\”. Consistently the service providers invested baths it in the expansion of the service area of barrier-free\”, which rapidly evolved in the last two years. To mark the 30th anniversary of family business opened a new exhibition, in which senior citizens, modern bathroom aesthetics is presented now SYSTEM bath Studio. The more than 60-person SYSTEM bath workforce has secure jobs and forward in the planned expansion to new colleagues.

Sooner later thinking: bathtubs with door and floor-level showers over is the time in which barrier-free bathrooms looked like senior baths: SYSTEM bath integrates the latest technological developments in a contemporary bathroom design. The bathtub with electrically operated sliding door, about facilitates not only the entry until in old age, she is an eye-catcher in the bathroom, especially since incorporated into a closed wellness concept. The technology is mature, the SCHOTT for decades absolutely holds tightly. A level, extra large and non-slip treads makes the tub with the shower. That saves space in small spaces. \”A strong demand also registered SYSTEM bath with floor-level showers, the the stumbling block shower tray\” move more and more into the background. The barrier-free offer is one of sustainability and thus equally interesting for end customers as well as landlords and hoteliers. \”Exhibition opening with special promotion and consultant days the opening of the exhibition in the current conventional\” trend baths are presented.

Apple Mac Widget TrickleStar

Z-Wave for Apple community: home control in the blink of an eye with USB and software widget Copenhagen, December 10, 2008 TrickleStar, manufacturer of energy-saving technologies, makes Apple’s Mac computers Z-Wave-able: through a USB stick and the installation of the appropriate software widgets will be the Mac now to the central control unit of a Z-Wave home control network. Mac users are able to control their lighting, heating – entertainment and security systems with a few clicks, to increase the living comfort and reduce energy costs. The widget is available as of 17 December on the TrickleStar website as a free download. Thus, TrickleStar creates access to the Z-Wave home control network, which can assemble a homeowner from 170 manufacturers, which are all compatible with each other, over 300 products for Apple users. A Z-Wave home network owners benefit from intelligent tools for the monitoring and regulation of electricity, which lead to the sustainable reduction of energy costs. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Employee Resource Groups on most websites. Z Wave Apple Mac Widget with the Z-Wave Apple Mac Widget TrickleStar offers a quick-to-install and easy-to-use home control management tool. The mini software works with the version of the operating system Apple OSX 10.5 and up and can be used as dashboard application.

The widget is ideal for smaller Z-Wave networks, since it can simultaneously control up to 16 devices. In doing so, it supports common functions such as input and switching or dimming and takes over simple time planning and control functions in addition depending on the status of the computer. In addition, he alerts the user upon request automatically at predefined events. In addition are all processes as a log file as well as the configuration of the widgets and the Z-Wave routing-stored tables as backup. Z-Wave USB stick Z-Wave USB stick by TrickleStar makes devices with USB port such as Macs, PCs, laptops, set-top boxes, or gateway to the center of the home network.

House Modern

Back in the bath itself characteristic Rustic house details such as the nostalgic fittings or washbasins on dainty feet into the spotlight. A smaller bathroom is what they know at least as greatly appreciate young people associated with the two children. At breakfast on the accessible from two sides of the line of work in the open kitchen, you can then again made plans for your next garden party. Convenient that the separate economic kitchen right next to the garage offers so much storage space for supplies. Country-style modern interpreted a reminder of the country house style expresses the modern facilities of the Salas pattern in particular about the use of the materials: so a light grey flooring gives a quiet natural stone character, apart from the children’s bedrooms a carpeted throughout the House. In the kitchen countertops stand out from brushed granite from the shiny glass fronts. The establishment lives from contrasts: wicker chairs and sofa versus lamps and a coffee table made of Plexiglas.

Some experience a modern interpretation Rustic house cliches: a modern stainless steel variant replaces the open fireplace, the flowered wallpaper experienced a contemporary renaissance as a subtle pattern on the tiles in the bathroom. The neutral grey / white color scheme be warm accents in may green sent distributed over both floors and BlackBerry added. The subtle colour and material concept continues in the outer appearance of the Salas model House. Again, the basic colour is white-grey, but turns out on closer inspection to the sound of shutters and frames as a fine green-grey, which alternates depending on the light and gives a sophisticated appeal of the facade. The garage is composed by the building of the main house by the stone facade design from an innovation of the manufacturer of SchworerHaus.

The concrete blocks are cast at the company’s concrete plant. Through prefabrication, they are cheaper and can be mounted directly to the House a special craftsman eliminates, the high quality impression remains. Contemporary technology package the most clients go from a conventional gas condensing value heating off until they get to know the so-called WarmeDirektHaus technology by SchworerHaus. Basis of future-oriented home automation is the fresh air heating system developed by SchworerHaus. It includes a controlled ventilation and exhaust with heat recovery, Kleinstwarmepumpe and direct heating elements. Thus, the temperature in each room can be varied individually. A hot water heat pump ensures the supply of hot water. The technology package is also thanks to the extraordinary thermal insulation of the building envelope, for permanently low energy costs and a high comfort with always fresh air. The inhabitants save the purchase of natural gas and fuel oil.

HOME – Set Up With Materials:

The European top-Hotellerie mils (TP/OTS) – home – new concepts of space facilities for the hotel Andels Berlin, the Lindner Congress & Motorsport Hotel Nurburgring and the Grandhotel Lienz set up for innovative contract furnishing fabrics created and realized. “At our current major projects in Berlin, at the Nurburgring and Lienz we could new equip approximately 800 rooms and suites and decorate”, HOME Director Monika Kruselburger of the new orders is pleased. Three of our current projects include new adaptation and design of the rooms and suites, as well as the public areas in the hotel Andels Berlin, at the Lindner Congress & Motorsport Hotel Nurburgring and Grandhotel Lienz. The order situation shows: HOME has as powerful and innovative companies nationally and internationally a very good reputation. Karki: “variety, flexibility and quality to package prices are standard for us.” HOME specializes in the emotional area of the object and provides all Services in the field of Interior Design: color & equipment consulting, curtain decorations, home accessories, colors and wallpaper, floor coverings, upholstery work, seat & upholstery furniture, small furniture, hotel beds and garden furniture.

HOME – setting up with materials for international wholesale the HOME team serves customers from the our. “Our customers benefit from our extensive international experience and get solutions that are tailored exactly to their needs,” Karki confirmed. HOME specializes in emotional areas and can point to a long list of references to business, children, or family hotels, resorts and hotel chains. Karki: “for us, the satisfaction of our customers is paramount, because satisfied customers come back and secure our long-term success. In addition we can rely on a strong, stable over many years network of external partners such as architects and Woodworkers.” HOME – setting up fabrics the Tyrolean company HOME – offers comprehensive service for all areas of Interior design for the upscale hotels and private apartments. The long list of references shows that competent care set up with materials is capitalized from consulting to implementation at HOME -. Press contact: Agnes Schedl marketing & communication home – Monika Karki GmbH A-6068 mils Tel.: + 43 (0) 5223 54770-76 fax: + 43 (0) 5223 54770-22