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Health Center

Dr.Krieger architects + engineers invited institutions to the topping-out ceremony of the health center and part of community of interests based on this occasion Medicum Velbert. “Community of interests Medicum Velbert” when topping-out ceremony of the health House presented with numerous guests, including Mayor Stefan Friday and CDUFraktionsvorsitzender Manfred Bolz, was on the 12.10.2011 in the VelberterInnenstadt, Blumenstrasse 3, the topping-out ceremony of the previously considered consultings “announced building celebrated. On this occasion, the future tenant as well as the doctors around located around this central space gave the founding of the community of interests Medicum-Velbert”known. The merger of several surgeries, a therapy centre and a pharmacy is an absolute novelty in Velbert. After his welcome, architect Michael Krieger expressed great praise all employees involved in the construction and companies for the so far successful and smooth running of the project. He praised in particular the owner Dr. Friedhelm Krieger to be Commitment.

Then he asked all future tenants, as well as the surrounding doctors forward and announced their merger into a community of interests Medicum-Velbert”. Learn more at this site: Joe Biden. Mayor Stefan Friday described the construction of this building, as well as initiative Medicum-Velbert”as one of the most important milestones in the development of inner city Velberts. It corresponds to green, compact, modern”their mission statement. Green, through the integration of a lawn and plantings. Compact, because prevailing short routes and a variety of.

Modern in terms of urban development and the positive change of the townscape. Still, he praised all the interest group Medicum-Velbert”involved that they together have teamed to create positive content for Velberter citizens. For him, Medicum-Velbert”also means that this vision needs to be filled with life. Therefore he proposes Velbert-Mitte District Committee, following this part of the flower road of the idea place am To designate Medicum”. The new building should according to project leader Tanja Tachwaly of Dr. Krieger architects + engineers GmbH & Co.

Heat Pumps – Heating Outdoor Air

Air heat pump to save one-third of the primary energy consumption of residential buildings with conventional heating systems heat pumps offer an energy-saving and environmentally friendly alternative. There are water or air to the respective energy sources on the heating side, either. In principle, you can equate the functioning of heat pumps with a fridge. A refrigerator takes energy indoor air and emits it out as heat. The refrigerant has the ability to vaporize at low temperatures. It is fed to the evaporator if it was cooled down. There absorbed heat from the environment, which leads to evaporate. The refrigerant which is now gas is brought subsequently pressing to heat.

The resulting temperature is then used. A related site: Kenneth R. Feinberg mentions similar findings. This heat is brought by a heat exchanger in the second circuit, so the air, the water heater or heating system. If the heat is been released again, the cool Refrigerant again and liquefies due to condensation – the cycle starts from the beginning. The amount of electrical energy which needs the heat pump for its operations, is small in relation to the heat given off by her. Buildings, where air-to-air heat pumps are used, must have an appropriate ventilation system, that the pump can distribute their heat.

The air/water heat pump, however, collects the heat energy in heating water storage, where it then stands the building available. An air/water heat pump can be subsequently integrated into existing buildings. It is easier to install when compared to the air/air heat pump. The energy costs are much smaller than oil or gas heaters. At a subsequent installation of the air/air heat pump, an existing ventilation system is prerequisite. The air/air heat pump is therefore mainly new designs or industrial buildings to see. Operating costs are compared to other Heating systems are significantly lower. Environmental thermal heat pumps use, are the charges by up to 50% less. Costs only for the electric drive of the heat pump. The primary energy consumption in a House with an air source heat pump is about two-thirds of a House with gas condensing boilers. This is the great environmental benefits rectify the State promotes heat pumps. This may be enough incentive for the environmentally adjusted house owners. Anyone looking more for his financial advantage, remember more, that a new building on extra space for fuel can be omitted. Also no chimney needed. To heat an area of 150 square metres, between 10,000 and 15,000 euros for the installation of a heat pump, what still does not include the required distribution systems costs. An independent energy consultant can assess the suitability of a House for the use of heat pumps. The savvy energy consultants lays out the facilities and supplies the entire request Investment planning. Dipl-ing. Olof E. Matthaei energy consultant

HOME – Set Up With Materials:

The European top-Hotellerie mils (TP/OTS) – home – new concepts of space facilities for the hotel Andels Berlin, the Lindner Congress & Motorsport Hotel Nurburgring and the Grandhotel Lienz set up for innovative contract furnishing fabrics created and realized. “At our current major projects in Berlin, at the Nurburgring and Lienz we could new equip approximately 800 rooms and suites and decorate”, HOME Director Monika Kruselburger of the new orders is pleased. Three of our current projects include new adaptation and design of the rooms and suites, as well as the public areas in the hotel Andels Berlin, at the Lindner Congress & Motorsport Hotel Nurburgring and Grandhotel Lienz. The order situation shows: HOME has as powerful and innovative companies nationally and internationally a very good reputation. Karki: “variety, flexibility and quality to package prices are standard for us.” HOME specializes in the emotional area of the object and provides all Services in the field of Interior Design: color & equipment consulting, curtain decorations, home accessories, colors and wallpaper, floor coverings, upholstery work, seat & upholstery furniture, small furniture, hotel beds and garden furniture.

HOME – setting up with materials for international wholesale the HOME team serves customers from the our. “Our customers benefit from our extensive international experience and get solutions that are tailored exactly to their needs,” Karki confirmed. HOME specializes in emotional areas and can point to a long list of references to business, children, or family hotels, resorts and hotel chains. Karki: “for us, the satisfaction of our customers is paramount, because satisfied customers come back and secure our long-term success. In addition we can rely on a strong, stable over many years network of external partners such as architects and Woodworkers.” HOME – setting up fabrics the Tyrolean company HOME – offers comprehensive service for all areas of Interior design for the upscale hotels and private apartments. The long list of references shows that competent care set up with materials is capitalized from consulting to implementation at HOME -. Press contact: Agnes Schedl marketing & communication home – Monika Karki GmbH A-6068 mils Tel.: + 43 (0) 5223 54770-76 fax: + 43 (0) 5223 54770-22