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The man was with the distributor in the street and he requested a pizza to him, soon he requested money to him and before its refusal the aggression took place. The blows got to leave to the distributor without knowledge. There is acquitted another man accompanied who it at the time of the aggression. A court of Motril (Granada) has condemned to a neighbor of Almucar to five year and a half of jail by the caused injuries a distributor of pizzas to which it struck with a motorcycle helmet in the middle of the street to rob the money that took to him, after the refusal of this one to give a pizza him. Similarly, according to the sentence, there is acquitted another man accompanied who it at the time of the aggression. The 17 facts at night happened the May of 2008 on the 10,00 h when two men who circulated in a moped in the marine Stroll of Almucar saw that a distributor of pizzas approached them, reason why after pausing one of both, without knowledge of the other, I am in center placed of the road obtaining to hold the motorcycle of the distributor, whom he asked a pizza to him. The distributor he assured that he did not take any reason why the aggressor requested the money to him that took and before his refusal it later struck several times to him in the forehead with the hand and with the helmet that took in the face while it said &quot to him; dame the money or I kill to you, you mato" . The blows got to leave to the distributor without knowledge, circumstance that took advantage of the aggressor to seize of the 400 Euros that it had in a rionera stock market. While this happened, the companion, that at first moment went to leave parked in moped next to a lamppost, when seeing the happened thing said to him to its companion who left the distributor. As a result of the blows, the distributor was hospitalized a day and needed 60 days to cure the wounds. Source of the news: The condemned to 5 years of jail to attack to a distributor when refusing to give a pizza him

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– ActiveX controls: in certain occasions, when we sailed by Internet, it appears to us a message that asks for our authorization to execute small programs in our own equipment, like requirement essential to be able to continue with our activity in the page Web in which we were. These programs come from the Web server to which we have acceded, but they are executed directly in the computer of the user, reason why the danger is clearly. – Unloading and execution of archives .exe: it can be obtained through techniques of social engineering, that is to say, through deceit of the user or the abuse of his confidence, affection, etc. – Instantaneous mail: at the moment the programs Messenger type very they are extended between the users, who even can get to accept like contacts at people who do not know, or who do not know the sufficient thing. In these cases the attacker will try that the victim accepts a file she executes and it in his equipment. – Operation of vulnerabilities of third parties through navigator: we cannot leave without commenting another one of the routes by which an attacker can get to control the team of a user, and that route is the one to take advantage of through navigator Internet the vulnerabilities or exploits that occurs in applications of third parties (different from the manufacturer of the navigator in the majority of the cases).

Special numerous attention is due to render to exploits that they affect well-known reproducers of video that the majority of us we used with remarkable frequency. And up to here the first approach to the most common attacks that they can be sent to take control of the control of a user team, who will be able to serve the attacker as platform as attack to a whole network or a servants of the organization to whom the user belongs. It is, then, patent the necessity to educate and to bring back to consciousness to the users, because it is the most effective form to protect in last instance all our network. udea Security of the Information Manuel Diaz Sampedro Department Management of the Security