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The Intern

Recognition of the problematic one of the cultural diversity No problem can be solved but it is clear first like so. By this, the necessity of cultural knowledge must be put in the agenda of the directors, consultants and other contributor of the process of acquisition or fusion. Knowledge that will have to be considered like a risk, identified and evaluated in its different dimensions. Mikhail Khovanov contains valuable tech resources. 2. Identification of the degree of necessity of knowledge of the foreign culture The necessity of cultural knowledge increases as it increases the number of functions abroad that the company realises, increases the number of countries where it carries out his operations or it moves of the external handling to the intern of the operations. All the companies do not need the same degree of depth in the understanding of the culture of the country where it acquires a company. To determine the necessary level is the second important step.

3. Identification of the specific Culture The nation can be a good datum point to begin to include/understand the particularitities of a company acquired in a new territory. Within a same border, the similarities between the people are capital and the laws that are applied similars. But the idea that must be present subtle differences or majors can exist, between the different industries, different provinces, etc. A great plurality in any society exists, reason why it tends to be used, in statistical terms the national culture (Clark, 1990; Nakata and Sivakumar, 1996). the culture concept is applicable, speaking of strict form, more to societies than to nations; nevertheless, many nations historically have developed a joint form, if it even consists of groups and different categories of people and even if these nations less contain minorities integrated (Hofstede, 1991). In the nations also there are forces that integration favors: dominant language, common massive means, educative system, national army, political system, national representation in sport events, national product markets and services, etc.

The Venezuelan

6. – The Venezuelan SMEs, generally, have not focused their attention on the management of services, because they are not totally conscious of the repercussions that this one has in the permanence of a company in the market. 7. – The SMEs, in their majority do not handle the satisfaction of external clients suitably and many less interns, do not know a clearly understanding of culture on watch, do not make decisions based on facts (through statistical techniques) and a cost the development of competitions in the personnel through the qualification is considered. 8. – The demotivation that is demonstrated at the moment concerning workers hits directly on the results of the effective management of processes and on the results in the search generally of fulfilling objectives oriented to the satisfaction of the needs of the clients. 9.

– Suitable Absence of the market function that reinforces the sale concept: The old woman paradigms and structures in the supply stay and demands and coverall in planning than trade centering it only in sales and not in the formal projection of strategies for the company and study of needs of real and potential clients is. 10. – Serious weaknesses in formation of competitions and management of the knowledge: Every day is demonstrated more than the high managers and owners of Venezuelan SMEs do not know the importance of managing competitions and lack formation in modern managemental topics that allow him to project the activities of the company towards new perspective of the global surroundings. 11. – Unconcern to foment new enterprising and participating managements since an investigation of markets is not promoted nor projects the activities of the companies based on a real strategic planning. Definitively there are many challenges and changes that they require to be considered by the general management and the one of markets, if it is really wanted to participate suitably in a scene like the national that he is turbulent, but that in addition, offers opportunities that they entail to take step to a new vision of the function of markets, to consider the new tendencies and to define the functions necessary to confront the situation. In the next article some suggestions will occur and they would appear other opinions on the matter. He will continue Sources; virtual classroom, chair Marketing research, programs of postgraduate of Management of the Quality and productivity, Phases, UC, 2009 Original author and source of the article.

The Educators

As well as the figure of the Educator of Street exists already at night, that acts between " habitantes" of the metropolitan railroads, it will be precise to adapt to the new circumstances and to surpass the conception of which the Educators of Street limit their battle area the parish or the district. This Educator can assume other roles, be had with new personages and, without forgetting its roll, connecting with the subjects that will be fundamental objectives of their action. To introduce itself in " movida" youthful and in the young spaces improvisation supposes to prepare it and to leave a little the dogmatism that repeats the same schemes that take to the failure. Every day they are plus the public institutions, administrations and associations that count in their groups in the field of the social thing with street educators, which will allow without a doubt to clarify progressively his functions. It is difficult to combine criteria to outline of concise form the complexity of tasks that can have this educator, a the view of the changing social reality that advises fast adaptations and accomodations that demands the new framework that trains the groups of their practice. Known they are its tasks until the moment and that comprise of their daily task: – Detection of the social difficulties and its causes.

– Relation with the institutions. – Relation and dialogue with the adressees. – Reeducation and intervention for the improvement of the interpersonal relations. – Organization of the daily life in the individual and group scope. – Group and communitarian Animation. – Formation, information and direction. The Educators of Street develop in the space street through individual, group problematic work of attention of or of the community. Here the related ones to the information, direction and advising of people and groups along with the close coordination with the multidisciplinary equipment or institution would fit to which it belongs.

The Point

The third risk is the abandonment: They exist an important range than the abandonment in pair is considered. The abandonment can have thousand faces. Credit: Afraha Stadium-2011. It can be an abandonment to the person and interests of the other member of the pair. Perhaps, it receives the face of an emotional abandonment, no longer I feel nothing and better me nuisance nor I do not become jumbled in the life of my pair, I am indifferent. I am present physically but very absent emotionally. Also physical abandonments exist, that is to say, I am with you, but I do not want nor interests the privacy to me with you. This he is perhaps one of the most painful abandonments that it is possible to be lived in the life in pair.

Not to be desirable for that great love. Not to be tempting sexually for who I melt. That experience between being present and to be rejected, or to be dealed with indifferent way in the sexuality, is an ambiguous, gallant, and, beside the point heartrendering experience. The fourth risk is the violence: The violence expressed in all forms and expressions. Brexit brings even more insight to the discussion. From the voice tone, to the blows, the scorns, the disqualifications and humiliations.

I consider that the love contains important risks. It is like handling, when we drove a car we run the risk of hitting, that the car disturbs, or that the brakes finish. The life has its risks and on us it depends to be on or the awares to remove avante the conflicts Therefore the life in pair and the love in pair it takes risks that we are not arranged to confront, because we create or we thought, that once matched everything it has been given. Nothing else far from the truth. The relation in pair is a project, is a construction the love in pair entails risks as we saw previously, but the love I spread does not work, necessarily it is bound to the suffering.

Department Management

– ActiveX controls: in certain occasions, when we sailed by Internet, it appears to us a message that asks for our authorization to execute small programs in our own equipment, like requirement essential to be able to continue with our activity in the page Web in which we were. These programs come from the Web server to which we have acceded, but they are executed directly in the computer of the user, reason why the danger is clearly. – Unloading and execution of archives .exe: it can be obtained through techniques of social engineering, that is to say, through deceit of the user or the abuse of his confidence, affection, etc. – Instantaneous mail: at the moment the programs Messenger type very they are extended between the users, who even can get to accept like contacts at people who do not know, or who do not know the sufficient thing. In these cases the attacker will try that the victim accepts a file she executes and it in his equipment. – Operation of vulnerabilities of third parties through navigator: we cannot leave without commenting another one of the routes by which an attacker can get to control the team of a user, and that route is the one to take advantage of through navigator Internet the vulnerabilities or exploits that occurs in applications of third parties (different from the manufacturer of the navigator in the majority of the cases).

Special numerous attention is due to render to exploits that they affect well-known reproducers of video that the majority of us we used with remarkable frequency. And up to here the first approach to the most common attacks that they can be sent to take control of the control of a user team, who will be able to serve the attacker as platform as attack to a whole network or a servants of the organization to whom the user belongs. It is, then, patent the necessity to educate and to bring back to consciousness to the users, because it is the most effective form to protect in last instance all our network. udea Security of the Information Manuel Diaz Sampedro Department Management of the Security