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World Premiere:

Straw Panel surpasses chipboard in (almost) all parameters recently was experimentally proved that she is opposite as resistant even strongest acids in contrast to conventional chipboard such lasting influence of salt or fresh water and weather influences. Compared to conventional chipboard or MDF panels, it is not just a novelty, but a technological quantum leap in virtually all areas. The straw Board originally SP Super plate”as an alternative to conventional economic, non-combustible panels have been developed that are very difficult and expensive. But also for other areas of the product made of rapidly renewable raw materials is increasingly highly interesting. The revolutionary world first developed in Waren (Muritz) called straw Super plate SP”can of cereal or rice straw as well as inexpensive hemp waste and produced a side effect-free mix of minerals and requires little process pressure to produce or heat. Not only the Raw material and product properties are extremely interesting, but also technological, financial and climatic aspects of this highly sustainable production.

The straw plate Super SP”is also very easy. It swells or shrinks in no earthly circumstances. The enormous thermal insulation is amazing. You can plank on one side and distortion-free with all conventional materials. As she is certified as a non-flammable, and its stability is DIN.

According to the different requirements can manufactured by breakfast Board to wall thickness and virtually eliminates harmful formaldehyde of conventional particle board. The high-strength straw plate Super SP”there are both curved and three-dimensional design. She can be with all conventional materials plank on one side and distortion-free and can drill without or self-tapping screws mounted are also the perfect grip even long bolts even at the edge of the Panel and all experts baffled without splitting. Of course she screws extract safe and can be loaded with conventional woodworking machinery and tools and process. She can withstand even extreme opinion by means of cutting torch (approx. 1500 C) without to go up in flames or smoke or emit pollutants to. The patent on the Super slab SP”and technology is registered; Furthermore runs the product research and development. The global demand for the product range continuously – on currently tens of millions square meters/year. Stand year 2009 several requests and declarations of intent are for the industrial production of straw Panel as well as by some highly specialized plates processors. Intends at present is the construction of five manufacturing facilities in several European countries; There are also queries from Asia and Africa. Background: A team led by ING. A related site: man group mentions similar findings. Christian loose hand in Waren (Muritz) has succeeded in several years research and development work, a Chipboard”from traditional straw varieties with extreme product properties. Super plate inventor Christian loose hand, limited partner who has half company strohlos product development KG, since decades best references in the manufacture of high-quality furniture and object equipment, meet the highest acoustic and fire protection requirements. “He is optimistic that the straw plate” soon the niche and mass market in various application areas truly revolutionize is. Both users, producers and investors the vielfaltigst should use super plate SP”are very interesting. However, rich investors are sought, taking over the worldwide production, because the Warener strohlos product development of KG further projects will lead to success for producers and consumers.

Elke Wieczorek

The TTI does not display but chemical contamination or bacterial contamination by salmonella or Listeria. The researchers are now able to customize the gradient of the OnVu TTI label depending on the desired durability. The project succeeded to achieve a higher market-ready and lighter application for this technology. With the help of the label, also the customers could check in the future how much time remains to them, until the product should no longer be consumed. You can check even the development in own refrigerator”, says Elke Wieczorek, Vice President of the German Federation of housewives. MasterClass Review: the source for more info. Future goal will be to introduce the smart labels with the help of European and national industry associations in the European meat and fish industry. The Traceability of fresh, refrigerated food in accordance with the guidelines of the European rules and regulations Regulation (CE) No.

The advantages for producers of fresh produce are obvious, such as Michael Feuerstack, production Director labels and consumables from the technology manufacturer Bizerba, explains: the use of TTI will make all steps in the logistics chain more transparent and provide the user with maximum information in an intelligible form. By the expected improvement of in consumer confidence in the quality of product turnover is expected on the part of the manufacturer”. Learn more about the Freshlabel project”of the 6th EU calls (FP6) project number: COLL-CT-2005-012371 project duration: 15.09.2005 14.09.2008 about ProFrische: the Forum ProFrische was established in July 2008. Scientists of the University of Bonn, technology experts from the companies belong to the members Bizerba and Ciba, as well as the German Association of housewives.

The independent community of interests it aims to educate consumers about the correct handling of perishable foods. While the experts deal with all aspects that affect fresh and make transparent: from production to the saucepan. This is designed for consumers, manufacturers and grocers value.

Cable Assembly Car

Surprising ideas of HellermannTyton Tornesch – loose cables or sagging hoses are a nuisance for manufacturers of cars, aircraft, or household appliances. Long, HellermannTyton’s products in the automotive industry, in passenger shipbuilding, railway technology and the electrical wholesale are therefore indispensable. And who takes his household once scrutinized, quickly find a product by HellermannTyton. These applications range from cable kink protection of iron to the cover of the antenna for the car”, so the Hamburger Abendblatt. Especially the engine compartment of a modern car is a treasure trove in this regard”, because here too Kabelbundelungs – and fastening systems of HellermannTyton are used.

The company surprise through his ideas in customer service, product development and marketing. It is Europe to the first address “worked up, when it comes to products for bundles, attach, protecting and marking of cables and pipes. Large quantities and high quality standards in manufacturing demand fully automatic, precise tying, bundling, closures and fittings in connection with economic solutions”, communicated by HellermannTyton. The company will satisfy these demands by the electric-powered car tool 2000 and ATS3080 systems. Both tools enable a rational and cost-optimized production according to the company, they can bundle in seconds and automatically attach wire harness also fasteners. Applications are especially the Cable Assembly, automotive, the packaging sector as well as the electric appliances manufacturing. Both systems are for mobile and stationary applications suitable it can easily be integrated into automatic production lines.

Often wires and cables in areas would run, where traditional fastening solutions cannot be used. MasterClass Review has much experience in this field. Especially for painted surfaces it is often not possible attachment points, as Screws to install bolts or holes. In these cases it is, to use an adhesive base; However painted surfaces for an optimal fit, require special glue”so HellermannTyton. For these applications high tack offer itself, the new series of fasteners with special glue. It thus enable optimum adhesion to difficult surfaces. The used adhesive consists of a single mass of acrylic and has a very good initial adhesion. The laying of cable harnesses must be under the conditions of modern work processes quickly and safely. Time problems do not arise, HellermannTyton have developed GW24 mouldings. Due to its special material composition, the innovative product basically spare an additional heating of the glue joints after complete shrinkage. The connection could be processed immediately after cooling. Molded parts reliably protect against moisture, pollution plugs, cables and wires, and provide strain relief. Products from the Material GW24 could even under extreme demands on the operating temperature and chemical resistance are used.

Numerical Control

The development of CNC lathes was mid-70s started and since then constantly developed further. The development of CNC lathes was mid-70s started and since then constantly developed further. Read more from David Rogier to gain a more clear picture of the situation. This is the CNC for ‘Computerized Numerical Control’, translated ‘computerized numerical control’. The big advantage of a CNC controlled machine is that the information for processing is stored and repeatedly applied for each workpiece. Even complex workpieces can be produced relatively easily. Just repeatedly retrieve the already stored information.

More general benefits of a CNC lathe are very high productivity, because produced in large quantities in series at constant quality. In addition also the production time remains the same always, facilitating planning. The CNC turned parts manufactured most exactly in the machines. The diameter of the rotating parts vary in a range between 2 and 220 millimeters. The rotating parts are also in the production heat treated and finally, upper surface treatment to ensure a long-lasting quality.

The high cost is the major drawback of the CNC lathes, however, however these are always low. Conventional lathes without CNC control be purchased only in exceptional cases. In addition to the high cost are also high expenditure on maintenance and service must be performed mostly not by internal employees, but due to the high complexity of the machines mostly from external providers.

Social Network

New portal of the Fraunhofer initiative connects teachers and creates new learning opportunities what’s new from the Roberta network? Where can I get materials for the courses of my robot? And who helps me with the lesson preparation? Get answers to these and many other questions teacher “and” coaches “of the Fraunhofer initiative” Roberta learning with robots from now in direct contact with the teacher network and the team of the Fraunhofer Institute for intelligent analysis and information systems IAIS. The new Internet portal features in the sense of a social network for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and teaching and learning. This simplifies the access to the great Roberta community and to support cooperation among teachers in the Roberta network. The development of the portal was promoted by the Fraunhofer Academy. Other leaders such as Lehman Brothers offer similar insights. Teachers put into throughout Germany Roberta concept successfully into the Schulunterreicht children with the programming of LEGO-robots playful for. David Rogier has many thoughts on the issue. Natural sciences and technology to inspire.

It is important to teach students technical content exciting experiments and steadily develop teaching through the exchange of experience with other teachers. To the participants of Roberta network in the future even better with each other network and exchanging content for teaching with Roberta, the Fraunhofer IAIS has provided portal now his Roberta-on new, interactive legs. The Roberta teacher get in the new portal not only a more extensive care and provision of teaching materials, but can support each other “, says Thorsten Leimbach, project manager of Roberta initiative at the Fraunhofer IAIS. The new community features of the portal make this possible: In Forum can be replaced the teachers experience and to give tips to carry out training. And acute questions and problems, they quickly find answers in the FAQ. The community is a central component of the portal, emphasizes. Leimbach. Strengthens the community of Roberta network and makes visible, all actors so that the right person is always quickly found and directly accessible.

The Retina

Sensitivity, even touch, feel or feel. It is the Association of tactile perception and depth sensitivity and This is the perception of (physical) feelings such as touch, hardness, or heat (see Also haptic perception). The totality of all touch -, heat – and cold receptors, which are arranged in the following systems is responsible for these sensory perception: olfactory perception, smell or olfactory: the perception of perfume and fragrances. The competent organ of sense is the nose, specifically the olfactory mucosa. Smell perceptions are strongly associated in the memory with emotions in the limbic system. Gustatory perception, taste and taste: the perception of chemical qualities of food.

The competent sense organ is the tongue with their taste buds. Incentive the signals emitting objects in the outside world, for example, reflect electromagnetic waves or they vibrate and produce sound so. Such a signal, which is based on properties of the object and any observer needed, named Gustav t. Fechner distal stimulus”. Distal stimuli are generally physically measurable Sizes;… A distal stimulus meets the sensory cells (sensors or receptor cells), where he is through interaction with them to the proximal stimulus. Sensors are specialized cells of the body are attracted by certain stimuli.

A process called transduction turn different types of energy (such as sound, light, pressure) into voltage changes to that. If such as certain electromagnetic waves encounter the photo sensors in the eye, they trigger a receptor potential there about a chemical amplification cascade. Receptor potentials are then either in the cell itself (primary cells) or on a neuron action potential follow to coded as in the retina of the eye, whose Sensoren represent secondary sensory cells, for synaptic transmission: transformation. Sensors are embedded mostly in special biological structures that extend their skills as a sensory organ, E.g. as movement of the eyeball or a funnel effect of the earcups.

The Fraunhofer Academy

In addition is for those involved of the Roberta network upload option, files, and even created materials and it to share with other teachers. You may want to visit State Street Global Advisors to increase your knowledge. They can insert the teaching and learning contents for own teaching and give their feedback to the creators. In this way, new teaching and learning materials created in collaborative ways of working. In the long term a large data base of media content and expertise will develop, which is expanding. Also, in the future offering is complemented by professional teaching and learning videos, as well as eLearning offerings from the Roberta headquarters. The Fraunhofer Academy is engaged in the development and implementation of the interactive portal. Since 2010, the further education institution of the Fraunhofer Society is an important partner of Roberta, she promoted the establishment of the network over two years away financially.

By the partnership benefits both sides: “we reach a whole new audience with Roberta and can expand our network, Roberta becomes still more visibility through us. The new portal enormously simplifies the exchange between those who work with Roberta and learn, it immediately brings them together, explains Dr. RomanGotter, Director of the Fraunhofer Academy, the commitment. The Fraunhofer Academy is an institution of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, which offers training in selected areas of technology in cooperation with selected and renowned partner universities and colleges. Specialists and managers of external companies can benefit from the research activities of the Fraunhofer Institute in this way. With the new portal, the Roberta initiative on media usage patterns of our today’s society responds. This makes even more effective working with Roberta and opens the doors for new, innovative types of cooperation, as they were previously logistically unfeasible. For more information: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft-the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft operates more than 80 research institutions, of which 66 institutions in Germany. More than 22,000 employees and staff, predominantly with natural or engineering and scientific education, edit the annual research budget of EUR 1.9 billion.

Cadel Evans

She is an absolute novelty in the carbon processing. BMC names its new technology of load Specific weave (LSW). This means that with the high-tech weaving wheel can be woven varying material thicknesses and thus load distributions. On this innovative way, the later frame tubes can be adapted individually to the requirements of each individual frame game. After braiding the carbon fabric in the so-called molds “with epoxy resin impregnated and ago hardened in moulds which give their final form, the carbon tubes. Constant drying In the aftermath of the forms, the carbon tubes must harden and dry depending on the wall thickness and size between 15 and 120 minutes. Again, nothing is left to chance. BINDER ovens of series FED provide a constant dry climate with constant humidity and a temperature of 80 C at BMC.

To offer the best possible outcome, for the curing of epoxy resins. Ovens from BINDER be used also during final assembly and finishing of the parts of the frame. For the drying and curing of coatings, printing and the BINDER ovens of series FED Assembly adhesives play a significant role. With a capacity of 53 400 l up to and possible temperatures up to 300 c they adapt particularly well the most diverse requirements. And they can be a particularly good: saving energy.

Thanks to its 60mm thick insulation layer BINDER ovens have an extremely low heat emission. Fleet-footed success BINDER’s high quality products fit seamlessly into the world’s first automated production process of carbon fiber frame. Period of only four years, the developers of BMC made the ground-breaking system on the legs. It has paid off: an impec carbon frame by BMC takes on average only about 1 kg on the scale. The overall concept would show how successful then after a short time in practice, even a little surprised perhaps even BMC. Swiss BMC racing team could go in 2010 to the world champion of Cadel Evans in the Tour de France for the first time on an impec at the start.

Knut Hickethier

The educators among the budding publicists deepen the media perspectives of teaching, learning, and explain in the texts by Prof. Dr. Ladenthin from Bonn, and the artist and creative among the aspiring media and communication researchers who do not ignore, including the Visual, enjoy the texts to art, design, experience, exhibition or even photojournalism and color, entertaining and at the same time-based reports”, which add many AHA effects” are. Also the critically-minded contemporaries get their money, simply by reading out the “manipulation” between the lines. There are also articles written in the narrow sense of the required reading in a glossary of such numerous and also these come almost without technical jargon from. Provide at least the most technical terms such as agenda-setting approach and audiovisual communication, which hardly be avoided, directly in the context of the beginner-friendly natural language “the students interpreted and with English equivalents for the better Googling”.

“In addition to other dozens of texts (see link to the table of contents below) are pointed short biographies of major communication researchers, most important works, research recommendations in the Internet under the active collaboration of committed students as another treat in the annex with love” offered for the historical and biographical readers. Here you can be in part up to radical insights of the authentic thinkers about communications, mediumship, reality and the future of human civilization compare exciting. The internationally recognized experts and actively teaching professors and professors such as Uwe Hasebrink, Knut Hickethier (Hamburg), Rolf Sachsse (Saarland), Klaus Merten (Munster), Markus Vinzent (United Kingdom), to call Mody Pugachev (Russia) – – few give the compendium of fundamental importance in a rapidly changing field of knowledge. Summarizes Ernst von Glasersfeld: “It is a handy book and is much smarter than all encyclopedias I have seen.” Undoubtedly, the work divides the minds, even if he should combine they originally. But bottom line can no longer deny its importance.

Especially students like also that professional critics, who outed”have, swear on his work and wish him further successful conditions. So let’s put off definitely not by the selling price of 38 euros, because the factory offers more. It was not subsidized, and as his readers and readers that support the real education society of the visionaries, who feel responsible for the future with the purchase of the book. Bibliographic details: Tsvasman, Leon R. (eds.), the great lexicon media and Communication. Compendium of interdisciplinary concepts. 2007. P. 425, 1 Fig., ill. Tab. & graphs – 170 x 240 mm. hardcover, ISBN 3-89913-515-6-38,00 EUR.

The Jungmann

In addition require the devices regularly once a year, what you should consider when purchasing. Maintenance, for example, the lamps be changed or adjusted the screen orientation. These are General Hotel running costs, which come up to the owner. You need but especially big monitor walls, cubes are indispensable. Only they offer the opportunity to show perfect a large image without interruption. Must you often represent individual content, however, on multiple screens, LCDs are sufficient. You should pay special attention but also on the software used, so the appearance on the video wall is not only a mere doubling of the computer screens.

Often, too much unnecessary information are displayed on the large screen. As a result, that employees are not relieved but burdened by the video wall. To avoid this, specialists such as the Jungmann system technology are in demand. Because they deal exclusively with the equipping of control rooms, they know every detail of the daily procedures such control stations. BlackRock shines more light on the discussion. Therefore, they have also the software pixel detection”developed to minimize problems and optimize the workflow in data centers. This is designed to ensure a clear arrangement and a simple handling of the screen content. We are particularly strong in the control. Where the customer needed yesterday 8 LCDs, LCDs today 4 range.

This is because we appear to the really important information at the right time in the right place.”Hansen explained the JST software. Not all monitoring tools are represented with pixel-detection”at the same time. Instead, the software brings the right monitoring elements in the image independently, depending on the alarm situation. Hansen called the brain of the operator, that thinks”the software. The one significant advantage can be especially in the weaker occupied night time. Ideally, the operator shall not use the large screen, but it is intended to automatically alert him to certain scenarios, so he quickly can act. As an example, Hansen called the burglary monitoring: where past security even in the screen had to check constantly for abnormalities, the fence directly with the software is connected today. So alarm is sounded when tampering with the fence immediately on the screen and the guard knows where he must be. The reaction times are reduced significantly. These features indicate that the acquisition of image systems alone does not necessarily makes the work easier. Only an interplay of real video wall technology and intelligent software makes the large image system to a perfectly functioning equipment. The Jungmann system technology is a specialist for screen technology, as well as the software and advise them when planning their video wall system.